Random pipedream: Chad Kassem should buy Concord music. Discuss...

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Briskit, Sep 12, 2019.

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    The major labels have recognised vinyl is profitable again. They are now reissuing their catalogues on vinyl themselves. Meaning reissue labels like Analogue Productions are finding it harder to license titles. Recent Acoustic Sounds newsletters seem to bear this out imho. None of their upcoming releases really excite me. Only 1 x order for me in 2019, down from 5 x orders last year. With most of their top tier jazz titles out of print, my interest in Analogue Productions is starting to wane. Which is sad to me, as I have a great respect for what Chad has done for vinyl, and find it to be a rather cruel irony that having kept the medium alive for so long, he may now be denied the spoils of it’s resurgence. The other loser of course is the vinyl buying public. No more premium AP jazz subscription series. Universal are doing their own Verve and Impulse vinyl reissue campaigns now. Cut from digital files, they hold no interest for me.

    Anyway, my possible solution: Analogue Productions buys Concord Music!
    No more licensing problems. If Music Matters could milk 1 x label (blue note) for 10 years worth of reissues, imagine what AP could do with carte blanche access to ALL the master tapes from the following labels: Prestige / Riverside / Milestone / Savoy / Vee-jay / Specialty / Fantasy / Stax
    It would be a new dawn for premium vinyl reissues. I’m having a mild stroke just imagining it.
    I have no idea what wealth Chad’s empire generates, but Concord seems to be worth a few quid. If funding was a problem we could move on to my backup plan: Mofi and AP merge AND THEN buy Concord music! (Mofi would also be suffering from lack of licensing opportunities so this could make sense).

    Feel free to offer your thoughts on these ideas, or my mental stability....
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    This isn't going to happen. AP and MoFi are also owned respectively by competing the internet retailer Acoustic Sounds and Music Direct. I think is more logical (not that I think this something that will happen) for MD to purchase RTI to be more competitive with AS's QRP facility.

    And neither, nor combined, they could buy out Concord, nor would they want to. Concord is full fledged record label with signed artists. AP & MoFi would only be interested in the back catalog side of the business.

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