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Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Turk Thrust, Mar 31, 2019.

  1. super sally

    super sally Forum Resident

    Mint Hill, NC USA
    A man without a dream

    great vocal, great drums, great horns
  2. ARL

    ARL Forum Resident

    "A Man Without A Dream"

    Top-tier Davy part 2 - I've always loved this one as much as the previous track. Take Davy's three songs from side 2 of Instant Replay, add "Someday Man" and you have the basis for a killer solo album. 5/5.
  3. Beatmusicfan

    Beatmusicfan Forum Resident

    Milwaukee, WI
    A Man Without a Dream - I don’t think it’s a particularly catchy song, but I do think that it’s a pleasant one nonetheless. Davy’s vocal is strong and avoids the nasally upper limit restrictions of his voice. I think it’s a good album track, but I don’t think that it was a good choice for a single side. Pretty much any of Davy’s other songs on IR would’ve been a better choice. I will still give it a 4/5.
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  4. plentyofjamjars67

    plentyofjamjars67 Forum Resident

    A Man Without A Dream: 4/5
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  5. wino14

    wino14 Forum Resident

    Edenton, NC
    Good Davy tune.

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  6. Bobby with a dollar

    Bobby with a dollar Forum Resident

    Mississippi USA
    For me, it's better than the average Davy song, but it really doesn't do much for me. Those horns keep it firmly planted in the era from which it came. 3/5
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  7. D-rock

    D-rock Forum Resident

    Columbus, Ohio
    Love "Man Without a Dream"

    Great vocal, production and some really good drumming.

    Definitely a 5/5
  8. Chip TRG

    Chip TRG Senior Member

    Man Without A Dream...the second best Bones Howe Monkees production.

    4 outta 5.
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  9. super sally

    super sally Forum Resident

    Mint Hill, NC USA
    Carole King did her own solo version of this song, sort of.

    I've always thought a neat project for Carole King would be to record a bunch of the songs she wrote for other people but never recorded herself-- As We Go Along, etc.

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  10. 905

    905 Forum Resident

    St. Louis
    a top twenty Monkees song for me.
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  11. Guy Smiley

    Guy Smiley America’s Favorite Game Show Host

    Sesame Street
    Well, it’s only fitting that guy who admonished someone to come up off her “Dream World” is now a “Man Without a Dream” himself. :)

    How did being a “Daydream Believer” fit into all of this?

    Never mind me, I’m operating on too little sleep (Time for some dreams of my own, shortly). I doubt Davy put much, if any, thought into why he sang all these “Dream” works.

    Anyhow, “Man Without a Dream.” Not much to add. It’s a solid enough song, even if, once again, I wish Davy had built on “You and I” and tried going a different direction or two. Of course, it’s hard to mess up a Goffin/King song (Even if I don’t think it’s their best). Still, Davy sings this one well.

    Interesting that this song follows “The Girl I Left Behind Me.” Musically, I think the two, back to back, bog things down a bit. But thematically, I get it.

    It’s missing a real hook though, so it’s not nearly as catchy as the upcoming “Someday Man.” As @Turk Thrust said earlier it’s another song that sounds very much like a solo record. Maybe ScreenGems should’ve just pushed Davy (Or even all three of the guys?) as a solo act at this point? It’s not like the Monkees name was doing much for them anymore.

    Hardly my favorite song on the album, but apart from “You and I” it’s probably Davy’s best on IR. Much better than either “Linda” or “Me Without You,” and better than the IR version of “The Girl I Left Behind Me” (Although that BBM outtake of “Girl” beats it).

    3/5 for “Man Without a Dream.” Not a song I’ll ever seek out specifically, but when I listen Instant Replay on my iPod it’s one of the songs I left on.
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  12. Deano6

    Deano6 Forum Resident

    Plymouth, NC, USA
    Pretty good. Nothing special. 3/5
  13. TEDA

    TEDA Forum Resident

    New York
    Man Without A Dream is 3/5

    I really want to like this song more but I don’t, it’s a little too much of a downer

    Interesting that this was attempted during the Pisces session according to Sandoval’s book - just an instrumental by Peter on piano, would love to hear it someday (man)
  14. Guy Smiley

    Guy Smiley America’s Favorite Game Show Host

    Sesame Street
    I wonder if that version survives, or if it even got far enough along to be releasable?

    I bet that version would’ve been good. That song might benefit in a stripped-down setting. Again, something different for Davy than yet another lush, orchestrated production.
  15. BigManRestless

    BigManRestless Forum Resident

    I'm not really sure why, but I adore this song. It's not usually the type of Monkees track I like, but somehow it all comes together. Mature lyric, superb arrangement and one of Davy's best ever vocals.

  16. Chip TRG

    Chip TRG Senior Member

    Now that we reviewed AMWAD, I have to run to the store.

    We're out of cat food.

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  17. HitAndRun

    HitAndRun Forum Resident

    This is a well written, produced, and recorded song. I like the little guitar figure that plays occasionally and the backing vocals. I like the brass too.

    However, the problem for me is that this simply isn't my preferred style of music. It's not bad; it's just that I don't want to hear this much.


    It's unfair. But,that is what the song is for me. I'm not surprised by all the 5/5 scores for whom the genre of song fits their tastes more.
  18. David Austin

    David Austin Eclectically Coastal

    West Sussex
    I've already given my opinion on 'A Man Without a Dream', but I have continued to reflect on it. I like the song (though I'm not sure why), but I gave up trying to defend it to other people a very long time ago. I used to include it on mix tapes (in the days when we did mix tapes), but if ever it came on and was heard by a friend or family member (different generations) it would immediately be met with either groans or laughter. I previously described the lyrics as banal (clichéd might have been a better word). In fairness it's the first verse that's the problem (it gets better, in my view). The tortured imagery of 'the music of life' and 'the keys to my happiness' just seems to provoke the wrong sort of response from non-fans (in my admittedly limited and non-recent experience). If you're trying to convince anyone that The Monkees have validity, don't play 'em this (as I discovered the hard way). Anyway, I still like the track, but it's not one that can be enjoyed in company.
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  19. zipp

    zipp Forum Resident

    Man Without A Dream

    Someone said the Righteous Brothers' version was better, so I gave it a listen.

    I prefer Davy.

  20. vinnie

    vinnie Senior Member

    New Jersey
    3/5 for a good vocal and effective production. But I agree with those that say it's too much of a solo track. I don't get a Monkees vibe from it. It's a Davy (or David) Jones track. Maybe Peter should have stayed and Davy gone solo...
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  21. RedRoseSpeedway

    RedRoseSpeedway Music Lover

    Bring on Shorty Blackwell!
  22. Chip TRG

    Chip TRG Senior Member


    I seriously think that Shorty might end up being the most polarizing cut in the catalog.

    Bring it on!!!!
  23. intv7

    intv7 Forum Resident

    Boston, MA, USA
    I'm rolling up my sleeves right now!
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  24. Chip TRG

    Chip TRG Senior Member

    Pity those with cat allergies!
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  25. LandHorses

    LandHorses Forum Resident

    New Joisey

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