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Rating POLL: Let It Be

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Hombre, Nov 22, 2020 at 7:55 AM.

  1. Hombre

    Hombre Forum Resident Thread Starter

    I've made a list of 50 albums by 11 rock groups from the '60s, which I'm inviting you to rate using a rigid 5 stars system. I'm posting one poll per album per day.

    You can rate each album following the criteria you want to. You may take into account songwriting, singing, instrumentation, innovation, historical relevance or just how much you enjoy the record. In my case, I love all the selected albums, so my personal ratings will merely be a relative parameter.

    POLL #12


    The Beatles: Let It Be (1970)

    Side 1:

    Two Of Us
    Dig A Pony
    Across The Universe
    I Me Mine
    Dig It
    Let It Be
    Maggie Mae

    Side 2:

    I've Got A Feeling
    One After 909
    The Long And Winding Road
    For You Blue
    Get Back

    My rating: 3/5 (good)
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  2. Hombre

    Hombre Forum Resident Thread Starter

    Previous polls and average ratings (so far):

    Rating POLL: Please Please Me 3.88 (302 voters)
    Rating POLL: With The Beatles 3.87 (328 voters)
    Rating POLL: A Hard Day's Night 4.64 (338 voters)
    Rating POLL: Beatles For Sale 3.78 (366 voters)
    Rating POLL: Help! 4.05 (311 voters)
    Rating POLL: Rubber Soul 4.61 (571 voters)
    Rating POLL: Revolver 4.76 (522 voters)
    Rating POLL: Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band 4.54 (652 voters)
    Rating POLL: Magical Mystery Tour 4.28 (558 voters)*
    Rating POLL: The Beatles (White Album) 4.48 (537 voters)*
    Rating POLL: Abbey Road 4.61 (447 voters)*

    (*) Updated data.
  3. Evethingandnothing

    Evethingandnothing Forum Resident

    I love all of it from start to finish. One of my fave Beatles albums. 5/5
    And I prefer the original Spector version, just 'cos it's what my ears have been used to for so long.
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  4. Aftermath

    Aftermath Senior Member

    Another album I'm just not attuned to.
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  5. Son of Ziggy

    Son of Ziggy Forum Resident

    I actually really like it, and the production
  6. carlwm

    carlwm Forum Resident


    Not much to detain me here. George's songs are okay.
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  7. egebamyasi

    egebamyasi Forum Resident

    Worcester, MA
    Half mediocre/Half very good = Good. I used to love this album but I probably wouldn't even play it now.
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  8. Terrapin Station

    Terrapin Station Forum Resident

    NYC Man
    Another 5/5 from me. The only track I'd rate lower than a 5 is "Maggie Mae" but that's more in the vein of a "skit" in between tunes. Tends to be very underrated by Beatles fans in my opinion. Ranking Beatles albums, I rank this higher than Abbey Road.

    Including Hey Jude, which I grew up with, my top eight Beatles albums in order would probably be:

    White Album
    Magical Mystery Tour
    Hey Jude
    Let It Be
    Sgt. Pepper
    Abbey Road
    Rubber Soul
  9. Trixmay 988

    Trixmay 988 Demere's Dreams

    Perth, Australia
    4/5. Decent by any standard. Dig a Pony is very underappreciated. Still one of the weakest Beatles albums.
  10. Scope J

    Scope J Senior Member

  11. Exitmusic

    Exitmusic Forum Resident

    Leicester U.K
    2/5 a sad end to their career.

    They should have made an EP and used these songs.

    Two Of Us
    Let It Be
    I've Gotta Feeling
    Get Back
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  12. blackdograilroad

    blackdograilroad Forum Resident

    Devon, UK
    My big issue with this one is that it flicks between audio verite and Spectorization- you have The Long And Winding Road’s over-orchestration fading out and then Lennon quipping “Queen says no to pot-smoking FBI”. IMHO Spector should either have just let it be, or flushed out the extraneous stuff to really do a number on the music-at least consistent either way. As it stands, it’s a bit of a mess.
    And only about half the material is really up to standard- Two Of Us, Road, Universe, LIB, Get Back (Spector did actually do a pretty good job on Universe).
    Still give it four.
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  13. abzach

    abzach Forum Resident

    Perhaps the most underrated albums of all times.
    5/5 (excellent)
  14. Lemon Curry

    Lemon Curry (A) Face In The Crowd

    Mahwah, NJ
    A fun album that had the potential to be great. Give the band credit that after a month of misery they pulled a few songs across the finish line in good shape, and played a great show on the roof that saved the day.

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  15. Tim 2


    Alberta Canada
    Not one of my favourite Beatles albums. But it does have some good songs on it so i''m giving it a fair rating. 3/5 :shrug:
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  16. AFOS

    AFOS Forum Resident

    Agree with this. Some very ordinary songs as well as some of their very best. So about 3/5. If I want to listen to Across The Universe or Two Of Us I'll listen to them elsewhere as I never need to hear One After 909 or Maggie May ever again
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  17. Greg Smith

    Greg Smith Forum Resident

    Gets a bad rap, but any album with Get Back, Long and Winding Road, I've Got A Feeling, Across The Universe and Let It Be can't be too bad.
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  18. Archguy

    Archguy Forum Resident

    Richmond VA
    The Beatles: Let It Be (1970)

    Side 1:

    Two Of Us B
    Dig A Pony C
    Across The Universe A+
    I Me Mine B-
    Dig It B-
    Let It Be A+
    Maggie Mae B

    Side 2:

    I've Got A Feeling B
    One After 909 A-
    The Long And Winding Road A
    For You Blue B
    Get Back B*

    * The single (proper) version of "Get Back" gets an A+ of course. Without the coda it's nothing. How else would we know what Loretta's mom is wearing? Really.

    PS: "All the girls around her say she's got it coming / But she gets it while she can" is one of Paul's canniest double-entendres.
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  19. Sear

    Sear Forum Resident

    Tarragona (Spain)
    A touching and bittersweet snapshot of a twilight.
    Some of their best songs are here. And some great rockers.
  20. dave9199

    dave9199 Forum Resident

    Durham, NC
    I had this album when I was younger. I remember the songwriting credit for Maggie May said P.D. For whatever reason I decided that meant Police Department.
  21. Purple Jim

    Purple Jim Forum Resident

    A quirky, thrown-together album. After the sprawling and unfocused white album, The Fabs shelved this material, feeling that it wasn't up to standard. So as a band they were pretty well finished at that point. I think Spector made quite a good job of this but there are too many weak tracks that keep it low down the "best albums" scale (Dig it, Maggie Mae, One After 909, For You Blue). However, the great songs (Across The Universe, Let It Be, The Long And Winding Road, Get Back) plus the next best (Two Of Us, I've Got A Feeling, I Me Mine) save it.
    My own montage mixes my favourite versions (from the album, Anthology and Naked) and includes and of course the wonderful Don't Let Me Down.
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  22. a customer

    a customer Forum Resident

    I must be the only one to like
    one after 909
    The only song that had a spark or some life to it . I believe its because it was a song from the old days that they played and for a brief moment they seem to be a group again
    Two of us is a favorite
    I think get back 45 is a better version

    The rooftop concert is good just to see them playing but i never thought it was that great .

    IMO. IMO. IMO. Rating 3.7652
  23. angelo73


    I give Let Be a Good - 3/5.

    The timing of its release was a thundering bungle though. And despite feelings at the time, it didn't need Spector's orchestra; it just needed to get issued, as was, ahead of Abbey Road.
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  24. Lemon Curry

    Lemon Curry (A) Face In The Crowd

    Mahwah, NJ
    As an aside, I find it interesting to compare the Get Back sessions to Dylan's Basement tapes, recorded just over a year earlier.

    One gets a sense of what The Beatles were, and weren't. When they tried to be loose and spontaneous, they left a trail of half- finished songs and forgotten lyrics on the tapes. When Dylan did the same, he absolutely shone, laying down classic after classic. But when The Beatles got back into their sweet spot, tirelessly working on arrangements and rehearsing them relentlessly, they ultimately produced a sonically superior product, and could play it with muscle memory, as they did on the rooftop.

    They couldn't do the Basement Tapes thing, that's just not who they were.

    How much better off might they have been if the whole "making of" documentary was scrapped and they just worked up the album normally from the start?
  25. Ken.e.

    Ken.e. Spinning music since...

    I gave it 4 out of 5 but only because The Beatles had better albums. The songs thethemselves are very good and some performances are great but it's a little uneven. If it had been a proper studio album I am sure that The Beatles would have made another amazing album. Instead they lost interest and patched something together that is better than most artists could hope to do.

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