"Raw" - 2016 French/Belgian horror film

Discussion in 'Visual Arts' started by Rocker, Mar 28, 2017.

  1. Rocker

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    Ontario, Canada
    Raw (2016/II)
    Raw (film) - Wikipedia

    Anyone had a chance to see this yet? Apparently it created quite a stir when it was initially shown at film festivals... there were numerous reports of people fainting, vomiting, and leaving the theater! :eek:

    It's been a while since I've heard of a film causing this kind of reaction from the audience... and being a huge horror-film buff, this seems like it's right up my alley! Unfortunately, there's been no Blu-ray/DVD release yet, and it's not on Netflix either, so I guess I'll have to wait a while before I can see it.

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  2. fuzzface

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    Yep, I've been patiently waiting to see it.
  3. Ghostworld

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    Just watched it. A nicely made film. Quirky and weird in a fun way. I don't think it's horrible in the way you're looking for, it's not one of those violent, horrific gross out horror movies, but there is quite a bit of blood and flesh. But the whole effect is tempered by a soft likeable heroine and a school daze setting. Naturally it's French/Belgian so a main focus is supple 18-year old girls running around. Quite frankly, it's one of the most restrained horror films I've seen. I liked it.
  4. townsend

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    It came briefly to the Angelika Film Center in Dallas, and though I was curious, I didn't go see it. Looked interesting.
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  5. woody

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    It's on Netflix now. I thought it was good.
  6. Rocker

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    Ontario, Canada
    It was also released on DVD last month.... there doesn't appear to be a Blu-ray version available, though.
  7. alexpop

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    Great score.
    Couldn't make head or tail out of the trailer.
  8. Rocker

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    Ontario, Canada
    Finally watched this. Good film, but....

    All that stuff about audience members fainting, vomiting, and leaving the theatre just continues to support my belief that most people are massive p**sies when it comes to horror flicks. This movie could be shown during Sesame Street compared to some of the other films I've watched in my time. Sure, there are a few scenes with a little bit of gore, but nothing that a seasoned horror veteran would even bat an eyelid at. I kept waiting to be shocking or horrified, but as usual, it never happened. Should've known better.

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