Ray Donovan - The Movie

Discussion in 'Visual Arts' started by Chazro, Nov 22, 2021.

  1. Chazro

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    The Ray Donovan thread has closed, I was gonna post this over there but anyways....just saw a preview of the new Ray Donovan movie premiering in January! It was good to see the whole crew again, I hope they'll be able to undo the stench of the last season!
  2. '05Train

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    Though the show's quality went down the last season or so, I really enjoyed it overall. Here's hoping the movie provides a satisfying wrap to the story.
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  3. agentalbert

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    Showtime movie? Theatrical movie?
  4. TimM

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    I would give this a look. The series staggered to the finish line IMHO, but Ray is a great character worth exploring a little more.
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  5. David Egan

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    I like this show but there is some nonsense that has been going on for a while that needs to get wrapped up in a final conclusion. And I'm glad that it's not a whole season. Some of our favorite cable shows (Sons Of AnarCOUGHy) gave us final chapters that were indulgantly elongated into mini eternities. I am confident that justice will prevail. Bats entertainment.

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