SH Spotlight Real nice Steve Hoffman interview in 2 parts, both up now!

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by robertk, Jul 3, 2017.

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    Thanks. Just read it. Nothing new, but I think the more recent members would do well to read his sound philosophy. It goes a very long way in explaining how lots of older members got here -- they like SH's approach to mastering (or remastering, if you will). That, in turn goes some distance in explaining a lot of the musical preferences around here.

    My collection of CDs has shrunk a lot over the years. I've never gotten rid of any Steve Hoffman mastered CD, though. Probably never will. Ditto my SH mastered vinyl records. They are among the best (or the best) sounding records I own. They're not going anywhere until I kick on.
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    I think PS audio (from reading their forum) is starting to accept MQA. Although, I do not see the hype since I love streaming HI rez with Qubuz and it works great.
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    Good read. Thanks for sharing.
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    And quoting from the end of the interview, something for the regulars here:
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    enjoyed it, thanks
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    Really liked the “hanging the Mona Lisa” analogy
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    Thanks for that link. I was unaware of that magazine, it's pretty good! And it's nice to see Steve getting his props.
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    Really good interview. Thanks for sharing it. I learned some new things, myself. I hadn't seen (or didn't remember) the Milt Gabler and Rod McKuen stories, or the Mona Lisa analogy. Great stuff.

    I just listened again to the first Steve Hoffman-mastered CD I ever purchased, Buddy Holly From The Original Master Tapes. I've been through several major stereo upgrades since I bought that CD in 1985 and played it on my Magnavox FS-1000 CD player through a Sony integrated amp and 3D Acoustics speakers. 22 years and a lot of ear training later, with many thanks to the best of ya here on the Forum, and I can say with confidence that great mastering sounds better and better as the stereo improves. Thanks, @Steve Hoffman - and thanks, fellow forumphiles.
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    Thanks for sharing - and introducing me to this online magazine about which I knew nothing!
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    Thanks again to Steve for taking the time to talk with John Seetoo. I'm glad y'all are enjoying the interview; part 2 will appear in 2 weeks, on July 17th.

    To make it easier to find, here's a direct link to the interview:
    Steve Hoffman, Part 1

    Thanks for the kind comments on Copper, and (shameless plug!) it is free to subscribe---sign up, and you'll be notified when each new issue comes out!

    Bill Leebens
    Editor, Copper
  14. Nice article, thanks. And at the risk of messing with the sun on my legs, the temperature of my beer and the sound of waves lapping gently against the shore (Yes, I'm on vacation!), I wonder which recording/s Steve had found where the best masters were later discovered (by him?) but had never been originally used.
    @Steve Hoffman ?
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    Excellent article, thanks for posting it :).
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  16. DRM

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    I agree. It's excellent.

    Buddy Holly - Legend: From the Original Master Tapes - Music
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    Yes indeed a great sounding album. Buddy Holly From the Original Master Tapes and Bing Sings Christmas Songs were my first Steve Hoffman CD's. In truth I didn't even know he had mastered them until I discovered the forums here! I've learnt so much since then (2003)....and spent a lot of money! Looking forward to part 2 of the interview with Steve too. :)
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    Great read! Looking forward to the next issue.
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    I really enjoy Copper magazine. Apparently PS Audio has learned a thing or two about content marketing.
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    To make sure you see Part 2 of Steve's interview, subscribe to Copper---you'll receive a link to every issue when it's available. Part 2 of the interview will go live on July 17:
    Copper Magazine

    Thanks! Hope you enjoy it.

    Bill Leebens
    Editor, Copper
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    Thanks for the tip!
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    Hi, All!

    Part 2 of the interview with Steve is live in Copper #37:

    Steve Hoffman, Part 2

    Thanks for reading!

    Bill Leebens
    Editor, Copper
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    Great read, thanks guys.
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    Yep, the interview should be a sticky and new folks encouraged to take the time to at least read it.
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    :cool: (hums opening guitar riff) you know that song, “Aqualung”, right? :laugh:

    Thanks for the link. :cheers:
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