Receiver needs servicing..........hope I don't have to replace it

Discussion in 'Audio Hardware' started by The Pinhead, Aug 7, 2021.

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    My trusted and beloved Pioneer SX-980 is acting up upon power-up sometimes. After the relay kicks in, sometimes there's a slight hum coming from the woofers, others faint pulsating thuds, and the volume drops during playback, but as it warms up this goes away. I called my tech, he's 71 now but still running his repair and hi fi shop (the guy who sold me my current floorstanders and sub). Thing is I have to carry it from the top of the rack to the the truck, through steep stairs and a long hallway, and I'm about to hit 60, and my back and knees aren't good anymore. Wished it didn't wait over 19 kg, but hey, the price of owning vintage right ? Plus it's like a one hour drive from where i now reside. Last time I took it to a tech (to clean the phono selector) I ended up having shoulder surgery:shake:

    Lucky for me, I have a strong/friend neighbor who's gonna help me out; he's 63, but strong as an oak despite never having taken care of himself like I did. Life's a bitch right ?
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    You're gonna owe him a few cold ones and some tunes :)
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  3. The Pinhead

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    He's into war movies, and I helped him set up an HT he bought following my advice. He's not into music though. We became friends because he married my wife's besty, but that didn't end well for him.
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    I feel ya. I have nicknamed my Audio Note Phono Meishu Tonmeister "The Beast." All 66 lbs. of it. My tech is two hour drive away and I have to lift and carry it about 75 feet to the car. I'm 72, I had two lumbar discs removed when I was about 20 and I have spinal stenosis. My help: - Me, myself and I.

    I've worked out a way to move it without too much strain. My advice, if it's more expensive to repair then replace, otherwise; get yourself a pair of work gloves, turn it and lift it so that the heaviest end (usually where the transformers are located) is close to your body and take you time moving it. Maybe get yourself a small utility cart with wheels. Get another table or cart and have it strategically placed so that you can set it down and take a rest.

    BTW - your SX-980 weighs about 42 lbs.
  5. Glmoneydawg

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    Oh dear....gonna have to sit through Dam Busters with previously mentioned cold beverages:)
  6. Sterling1

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    Two pieces of my kit are not working: Sony TA-E9000ES Preamplifier and a Sony PCM-7010F Time Code DAT Recorder. The DAT Recorder weighs 58 pounds. At any rate, there's no one in Louisville, KY, where I reside, who can repair my units so I'm going to make a 7 hour drive to Atlanta, GA to have a repair center take a look. It's OK though, I just finished making a 7 hour iTunes playlist for the road trip.
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  7. Fruff76

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    You’re pin-head. Make that thing work!
  8. jeffmackwood

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    Which is what he said, translated into American.


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    Pound happens to be derived from the system of British Imperial units defined in the British Weights and Measures Act of 1824 -- Not American. United States is one of three countries that still uses it versus the Metric System.
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  10. JohnO

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    Washington, DC
    The 980 took care of you for a long time. I am in favor of giving it good repair care now. Could you find one or two young ones to take it down to your car?
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  11. The Pinhead

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    Yes; as I stated earlier, my neighbor/friend is a truck driver, and he can lift the receiver with the same easy I can lift a box of matches. My tech sounded pretty optimistic it's something he can take care of upon describing the problem over the phone. I'd like to keep it for at least 10 more years. He's very thorough and will clean everything, adjust bias and whatnot while he's at it. He's not cheap, but it's honest and won't charge an arm and a leg either, for I'm an old client who's bought several pieces of equipment at his brick and mortar shop over the years, and sent him clients with gear to repair. I even wanted to buy the Oppo from him, but found such a better deal even he told me to go ahead buy from the other vendor, coz he couldn't match the price. Yeah that honest.
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  12. DigMyGroove

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    Good luck with your receiver. I just lost the right channel on my Pioneer SX-850. I’m waiting for my tech to finish up some work on my Fisher 800 C, and I’ll bring in the Pioneer for repair then. The Fisher has been in his shop for over 21 weeks, most of that time waiting to be worked on as he’s so backed up. Fortunately I had a Luxman L-85v integrated amp I could steal from the bedroom to keep the music going. Back ups are great to have.
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  13. VinylSoul

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    Sounds as if it's time for some new electrolytic caps.
  14. The Pinhead

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    If that's the case; I'm toast.
  15. AL01

    AL01 Eh?

    Hope it goes well for you.

    Those Pioneers are gorgeous in real life!
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  16. OhHiMahk

    OhHiMahk Forum Resident

    Those old receivers can sound really good once everything is checked out and the old caps are replaced. Even if you have to spend a few hundred bucks it’s probably worth it if you like it. It’s not like you can go out and buy something new for that price that will sound anywhere close to as good.
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  17. The Pinhead

    The Pinhead SUDACA ROÑOSO Thread Starter

    I'm more than willing to fork out a few hunnerts. Question is : will my tech have access to the parts down here ?:confused::shrug:
  18. OhHiMahk

    OhHiMahk Forum Resident

    Capacitors shouldn’t be an issue. Output devices could be hard or impossible to find if they’re toast, but anyone would have that issue regardless of which country they live in.

    I’d wait to see what your tech says. The problem you described could be a lot of different things and it could possibly be a simple fix. Don’t sweat it until you have a diagnosis.
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  19. The Pinhead

    The Pinhead SUDACA ROÑOSO Thread Starter

    Thanx !:cheers:

  20. harby

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    Yep, they're letting hum through - not doing their job of filtering when they charge. A rather simple complement: two 18000uF 63V used for power amplifier; some 220uF/80V and 2200/35V on the signal power supply board. Receiver bottom comes off for direct access to solder side.


    Easy peasy to replace the big daddys with a solder gun, and United Chemcon 36DA183F075BB2N 18000/75V, $40 for two on Amazon. Slight upgrade to 22000uF with ALS30A223KE063 and screw terminals. Or replace with smaller size Cornell 383LX183M063A082 and wrap with foam tape.

    Will need to replace the solid strap between grounds with wire, or drill them out so they fit over the different terminals.


    Of course there could be other <1% chance faults, like failing semiconductor pulling way too much current.
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  21. The Pinhead

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    WOW !:righton: Will pass this to my tech eventually. The buzzing/humming sound doesn't always appear upon power-up of the unit, and it lasts just 1-3' and goes away. You can only hear it if you put your ear against the woofer. What is more worrying is that the volume drops a lot during music, but again, goes away quickly and lets you finish the record. Deffo taking it to service this month. Won't have money to do that until the 24th though.

    15 years ago or so, it had a problem with a, and I quote my tech,my then boss at the electronic shop at the time ¨B transistor at the power supply section¨, and the relay would prevent the unit from powering up at all. It was solved, but the relay then took more time (15¨) to allow the unit to power up, as opposed to the time specified on the manual. I assume you're a technician yourself ?:tiphat:
  22. TheVinylAddict

    TheVinylAddict ___The Enforcer___

    Maybe the audio gods are telling you that you need something new!

    Resistance is futile.
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  23. The Pinhead

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    I'm drooling over a Yamaha AS-1100, which, with the american dollar skyrocketing down here now, is slightly cheaper than onAmazon USA (U$ 2500) Wonder how the sound might compare to my old unit (in case it can't be repaired) Maybe I should get it as my ¨endgame¨ amp ? Will it match OK with my Klipsch F2 speakers? (those stay; please don't suggest different speakers)

    Can someone provide an insight on this ? Thanx.
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  24. TheVinylAddict

    TheVinylAddict ___The Enforcer___

    There are plenty here that can give you thoughts on the 1100 - @Helom being one....
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  25. TheVinylAddict

    TheVinylAddict ___The Enforcer___

    And of course you should get an end game amp as you queried. Makes life so much easier!
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