Record buyers & Amazon : Why not make an ethical choice?

Discussion in 'Marketplace Discussions' started by PimentDouceur, Jul 28, 2021.

  1. PimentDouceur

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    Opening up a discussion which I hope can remain civil and based on ideas.

    I've really been enjoying the message board for the past couple of months but I have been astounded at how many major label release topics revolve around the fluctuating Amazon prices. 1 message out of 3 can be about recent Amazon prices for a record.

    Whether you're a hardcore antifa socialist college student or the average middle class suburban dad, I feel like having ethical (or... more ethical?) buying habits is quite accessible and normal. Articles and interviews in 2020 and 2021 have repeatedly shown that Amazon is a dangerous, horrible workplace started by a billionnaire megalomaniac who just flew to space for no apparent reason.

    The argument that rural and suburban music aficionados have to buy their CDs at Wal-Mart just doesn't stand anymore, we pretty much all have access (in the western world at least), to online shopping. Why not support artists, labels or independent stores?

    I'm not trying to be preaching, I've bought on Amazon in the past. Bought a cell phone case 2 years ago too! But man, if we can't spend 1% or 2% more (sometimes not even!!) to buy directly from the artist, the label or a cool indie store, what are we doing?

    Here are a few links for reading on the matter of Amazon as a horrible employer :

    ‘I'm not a robot’: Amazon workers condemn unsafe, grueling conditions at warehouse

    Amazon warehouse workers demand better conditions and shorter hours amid coronavirus outbreak

    9 Amazon Workers Describe the Daily Risks They Face in the Pandemic

    Jeff Bezos: Your Legacy Is Exploitation
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    3, 2, 1…
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  3. Maggie

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    Good thread, cool Gene Clark avatar. I agree.
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    In before the lock.....:wave:
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  5. BostonBob

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    I wish I could post the slightly modified pic of Bezos' rocketship that I found on Twitter before this one gets removed but I don't wanna get in trubble.
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  6. PimentDouceur

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    It doesn't have to be that way!
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  7. Django

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    Every one wants to be ethical, until they see the price difference.

    Personally I've cut way back on using Amazon.
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  8. Dave

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    If retailers would only carry the inventory they used to I would have no need to go to Amazon at all. Unfortunately, during this pandemic situation I have had nowhere else to turn for certain items I use. :shrug:
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  9. Andrew J

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    Yeah, we are at the point where Amazon is just too convenient for people (sometimes myself included - so hopefully this won't seem like preaching), not to mention omnipresent. It is too easy to disregard its shadow.

    I'm not expecting this thread to be around long , but it is worth a thought ... there are alternatives.
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  10. joachim.ritter

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    If your focus is on the warehouse workers you can still buy from third-party sellers who ship items themselves.
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