Record Revirginizer?

Discussion in 'Audio Hardware' started by buckeye1010, Apr 9, 2014.

  1. Bubbamike

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    We all know that Rain X was the bomb on Cds, just ask Sam.
  2. B_big!

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    I wonder, what's this hole hassle is about, when you can get satisfactory results with tepid water, one (or maybe two) drop(s) of dish-washing detergent an a few microfibre towels??

  3. thegage

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    It wasn't Rain X, but Armor All he recommended.
    I wouldn't let Rain X within a room's width of my LPs.

    As for dish soap and micro-fiber towels, most dish soaps leave some sort of residue, and may micro-fiber towels aren't lint-free.

    John K.
  4. nm_west

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    Abq. NM. USA
    You say that with no explanation. Not very helpful. :)
    Seeing as I might try it, will you let me know what might happen to the LP?


  5. thegage

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    Plenty of information on the internet if you really are interested. But here's a selection.

    If you feel qualified to assess how all that will react when used with something it wasn't designed for then by all means go ahead and try it. For me the silicone components and the quantity of ethanol and isopropyl alcohol and enough of an issue. Some say that using large quantities of alcohol to clean LPs has no effect, but I'm not about to experiment.

    John K.
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  6. Vidiot

    Vidiot Now in 4K HDR!

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    I had a $250 Nitty Gritty in the 1980s that worked great. They're still as low as $400 or so:

    And there are cheaper vacuum models out there. Bear in mind they take 1 minute to use. No way am I leaving a glue-covered record lying down to dry out for several hours.
  7. nm_west

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    Abq. NM. USA
    I'm sorry John K, I thought your previous post was from your personal experience with the product and LP's.

    Thanks for the links, I'll look into them.
  8. :agree: The KAB EV1 uses the Nitty Gritty top plate and you supply the vacuum - for $169. I had great results with the Nitty Gritty before moving to a VPI unit.
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  9. Bubbamike

    Bubbamike Forum Resident

    RainX lays a layer of silicone down. I'm not sure I'd want treat my LPs with silicone like that.
  10. JohnO

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    Washington, DC
    Does anyone other than me remember that Empire, the cartridge company, had a similar product (to wood glue or record revirginizer) in c.1978?
  11. I tried the wood glue method on an old Stevie Wonder LP I had that was just trashed, and it didn't hurt anything and came off just fine, but it really didn't help, either. I suspect that one is just damaged beyond reparability. Honestly, I expected quite a bit more.
  12. jupiterboy

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    But you can almost listen without windshield wipers in a downpour. It's that good.
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  13. dharmabumstead

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    Interesting, but it seems difficult to buy this stuff. The eBay store has no items for sale, and the Wordpress blog doesn't have any storefront links. I sent them an email, but in the meantime: has anyone tried this stuff?
  14. jeff kleinberg

    jeff kleinberg Forum Resident

    I use it, it definitely improves on my audiodeske for the most difficult records. Not cheap but worth it for your best pressings.
  15. hlennarz

    hlennarz Forum Resident

    This is just a fancier packaged wood glue alternative with times xxxx the price. If you aren't a complete idiot, the wood glue method is safe for your records and your pocket.
  16. stenway

    stenway Forum Resident

    FL, USA
  17. Wngnt90

    Wngnt90 Forum Resident

    Go to a industrial supply outlet and buy some Liquid Mask. It's widely used in the sign making business. This product looks very much like it. $55.00 cdn for a 5 gallon pail. Don't apply it too thin, it peels great when applied in a thicker coat.
  18. slovell

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    Chesnee, SC, USA
    Is this in any way akin to the perpetual virgin?
  19. misterdecibel

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    Disc-O-Film! It was imported by Empire from Germany, and it's still available over there. Produkte & Preise - »
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  20. JohnO

    JohnO Forum Resident

    Washington, DC
    Wow, that is a blast from the past - for me. I never knew that was still available anywhere.
  21. Apollo C. Vermouth

    Apollo C. Vermouth Forum Resident

    Just got a bottle of this stuff after literally the last 2 years of waiting for the price to come down and someone here in the US distributing it. Testing it on a Richie Valens La Bamba/Oh Donna 45 that I got at Salvation Army more than 10 years ago. Recorded it pre clean and waiting for it to do it's magic and I will probably be peeling it tomorrow and seeing if it worked. If I can figure how to post a sample of pre clean and post clean I'll do it.
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  22. dharmabumstead

    dharmabumstead Forum Resident

    I really hope you have better luck than I did...this stuff didn't work any better for me than wood glue (i.e. not much difference at all).
  23. Poison_Flour

    Poison_Flour Forum Resident

    I tried the stuff it's a little a lot easier to use than wood glue but very expensive
  24. Apollo C. Vermouth

    Apollo C. Vermouth Forum Resident

    Some 16 hours after I applied the solution and there was still a wet spot that I got off with my fingers. Played the record and it worked just OK. Not a great change in sound...but it did sound a little bit better. It got rid of the muddiness of the vocals that was due to the record most likely being in a basement for years before it got to the Salvation Army. Gonna try some others in the next week or so.
  25. Apollo C. Vermouth

    Apollo C. Vermouth Forum Resident

    Yeah it peels better than the wood glue method. With this stuff though you need to put a cover over the labels. If it gets into the labels and then dries it's near impossible to get the stuff off of the label without damaging the label.

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