Record sales plunge further...

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by PhilBorder, Mar 13, 2018.


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    How much did it sell to chart?
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    The record companies are doing great. Their revenue is actually up from previous years. The artists? They're screwed. Just like the old days! Unless you exclusively listen to superstar acts, your shelves are lined with albums that made no money for the artist due to creative label accounting.

    Streaming will be a lot better if the revenue went directly to artists instead of to labels, but of course that's just not how the business works. But they'll have to figure it out. People are just listening and interacting with music in a different way...complaining about it is no different than complaining that you can't rent VHS tapes at Blockbuster anymore. Did people really think music distribution would remain exactly the same forever, despite the advances in technology?
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    The Stones' Blue & Lonesone record sold 2 mill worldwide since end of 2016 (I was expecting much lower numbers).

    Bigger Bang has sold just over 3 million since 2005.
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    BTW, Steve Jobs is dead.
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    So is Bela Lugosi.
  6. Hokeyboy

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    So is Generalissimo Francisco Franco.
  7. Darrin L.

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    Yes...I fit that description.
  8. sons of nothing

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    Sounds like CDs are safe...:biglaugh:
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  9. Michael

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    guess that vinyl resurgence is blown...probably the reason of the failure...who wants to pay the price of new vinyl...: )
  10. Frozensoda

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    How things are different:
    Me, 44 years old, buying Roger Waters CDs.
    My son, 4 years old, “Alexa, play...on Spotify.”
  11. jhm

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    Still :)?
  12. originalsnuffy

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    For an artist, the path to putting food on the table is the live performance.
  13. Danby Delight

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    *shrug* Fifteen to twenty bucks apiece most of the time. I think I can swing that.
  14. PlushFieldHarpy

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    Which means they don't really have to be that good from an artistic standpoint. I've seen a lot of great acts live that I would never sit and listen to at home.
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  15. Michael

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  16. Kingsley Fats

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    Yep music is dying.

    Ed Sheeran just became the first artist to sell 1 million tickets to a concert tour in Australia.
    Let me do the math at @ $140 a ticket. Yep that is one **** load of money.
  17. Gordon Crisp

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    Ah yes, James' brother.
  18. OptimisticGoat

    OptimisticGoat Taking the Great Leap Forward

    It was $160 to $280 a ticket in Melbourne @ 4 x 60,000 people. No backing band.
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  19. tmwlng

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    Perhaps it has to do with the material? The new Timberlake record did not get any decidedly good reviews, at least over here, and the sales numbers suffer from it a little bit. We can still sell the odd record or CD now and then. But those who keep asking for e.g. Justified and The 20/20 Experience have little interest in his new record. He can play sold-out shows but not push that much physical product. This is however quite general in terms of pop artists.
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  20. Rick Bartlett

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    so much to say about the state of music. right off the bat, free streaming, free youtube.
    artists making weak albums like Taylor's last attempt.
    the price of vinyl is pathetic! 50/60 dollars for a top charting album is just a
    money grab for record companies once again.
    I can buy an independent artists Lp/45 for half the price and they still make a few bucks.
    So don't tell me, these big companies can't make money lowering prices,
    that's a load of Cr@p, they'd actually sell more ironically.
    kids as a rule, don't have heaps of money to buy music, if record companies could realise
    that like they did in the 50's and released singles, they should consider that
    for this generation. keep vinyl in style, and the prices affordable.
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  21. sunspot42

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    San Francisco
    Swift is aging and the latest generation of teenyboppers isn't that interested in her anymore, even though her product is still tuned to the teen set. She should have updated her act to match the age of her legacy audience, instead.

    Beyond that, the kids all listen to everything on Spotify and YouTube. Why on earth would kids - who have no disposable income anymore thanks to the collapse of the middle class - waste money buying albums when they can hear them for free (or nearly so) on the Internet? You'd have to be a ***** or an audiophile - although most hypercompressed new releases sound exactly the same on CD as they do on Spotify: like crap.

    I'm actually stunned acts are still recording and releasing "albums", and keep wondering when a major act will finally ditch that tedious anachronism and just start spinning out topical singles, instead. I think Prince actually might have been on the verge of doing that ("Baltimore") before he passed...
  22. SimonSaysCake

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    It's interesting to think what my collection would look like today if my old am/fm clock radio I had when I was around six allowed me to dial up any artist and any song and listen to just that*. Oh and allow that clock radio to be small enough to carry in my pocket, have a rechargeable battery, a headphone source and easy ability to play in the car (e.g. Bluetooth) or where ever. I doubt I would have the 150 albums nor 3000 CDs I have now. Probably wouldn't have any of them. There you go.


    *i would have LOVED that as a kid! No more "wading" (aka listening) through a DJs 20 other selections just to hear that fave Elton John song again. But it would have made me skip 20 other artists sounds so my music world would probably be much smaller today.
  23. Rick Bartlett

    Rick Bartlett Forum Resident

    I admit, although I'm older now, I use youtube and spotify to check out something I'm interested in,
    then a make a hard copy purchase either CD or Vinyl. It's just what I've always done and always will.
  24. onlyconnect

    onlyconnect The prose and the passion

    Winchester, UK
    1989 was a crowd pleaser for sure. But I do think Reputation shows artistic progression and more mature themes. So I don't think that is the reason for lower sales.

    Did The Rolling Stones ever move on from teen themes? The Who?

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  25. AFOS

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    Today's top artists must be annoyed when they look back and see the insane amount of money top artists from the 60's to the 90's made

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