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  1. LitHum05

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    I will be travelling to Taipei, Taiwan next week. I have already written down addressses for what seem to be some good record stores. I would like to know if anyone here has any particular suggestions so that I can make sure to hit those places first. I am especially interested in finding Japanese LP pressings of classic rock, heavy metal, classical, and movie soundtracks.

  2. LitHum05

    LitHum05 El Disco es Cultura Thread Starter

    Leaving in just a few days. I was hoping at least one or two of you would have been to Taiwan record shopping before.

  3. hockman

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    The last time I visited a few years ago, the Eslite book store has a decent selection of new and used records (incl. Japanese pressings IIRC). May be worth it to check the two main branches downtown. Taipei is a great city, enjoy yourself but don't have too high an expectation when it comes to records though.
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    Also wanted to say that you'll probably have pretty good luck with Japanese pressings since Taiwan is physically close to Japan and there's also a historical link to Japan. There are many Japanese influences on Taiwanese culture such as the many fine sushi restaurants in Taipei.
  5. LitHum05

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    Yes, been there many times. Just not record shopping. It should be fun. I’ve pulled up at least 15 different vinyl shops in Taipei. Looks like the vinyl revival is alive and well over there.
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  6. Maccaroni

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    Bay Area, CA
    Please report back!

    I'm heading for over in a couple of months.
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  7. LitHum05

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    You should definitely familiarize yourself with "Eslite." This is the best, aside from places that deal in DJ and indie rock (White Rabbit Records), none of which I care for.

    Eslite is a giant bookstore that has an "Eslite Music" department in several cases. When it does, they will also have some used vinyl. However, the majority of the records will be classical. This is great if that's what you like. Syntrend is another place, if you want classical music, including some nice Japanese pressings.

    There is one store called "Vinyl Decision" that has the best rock records anywhere (including Japanese Beatles pressings). But it's more of a guy's personal collection. There are no prices, and when there are you'll regret you asked. $100 for a Japanese pressing of "Thriller"? Enough said.

    This is the best I've got. There is yet another pretty substantial collection of Japanese music (on the oldest part of the city), but I think the name is only in Chinese. But this one too feels like a guy's collection. At least there are prices there, though. I was there for 4 hours!

    For the classical records (Japanese pressings), you will pay at least the equivalent of $15.00 USD.
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  8. hockman

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    Am glad that Eslite is doing ok, what with bricks & mortar establishments these days. It has a very fine music selection -- the collection of CDs and stuff includes a lot that's not run of the mill.

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