Record Store Day "RSD" April 2018 Releases*

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by cwd, Feb 4, 2018.

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  1. Nightswimmer

    Nightswimmer Forum Resident

    Varèse Sarabande - Wikipedia
  2. cwd

    cwd Forum Resident Thread Starter

    Clarksville, TN
    Thanks, I found that, too, but the question is ANY OPINIONS on the label (preferably based on personal experience and not hearsay and scuttlebutt).
  3. Michael Rose

    Michael Rose Forum Resident

    He coded the image from scratch, impressive. :tiphat:
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  4. Isaac K.

    Isaac K. Forum Resident

    I bought the Black Friday RSD release of the Forbidden Zone soundtrack and it sounds alright. I have nothing to compare it to other than the original movie on blu ray. It isn’t the most lively album in my collection, but it wasn’t a big budget film to begin with.
  5. cwd

    cwd Forum Resident Thread Starter

    Clarksville, TN
  6. Danby Delight

    Danby Delight Forum Resident

    In my experience, they're fine but nothing amazing.
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  7. Defrance

    Defrance A Northern Soul

    Calgary, AB
    I like introducing the rhythm, but the overdubs are tacky. That said, this is not art, this is marketing, and the majority of us on this page are not the target market.

    They're trying to find a way to make Dylan relevant and introduce him to new listeners. From a marketing angle, RSD is a great time to do that, because that is when buyers are most likely take a chance on something they wouldn't otherwise buy. I got into jazz by buying a Miles Davis 10" box set on RSD that I'd never have bought if it was just a regular release.

    True, these could mostly end up in the RSD sale bin months down the road, but they could also get 1000 people into Dylan that really hadn't heard of or paid much attention to him before.
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  8. zakyfarms

    zakyfarms White cane lying in a gutter in the lane.

    San Francisco
    US/UK trade?

    I'm looking for these titles from the UK:

    Goat - Double Date 10”
    Grandaddy - Practice ‘97
    White Hills / Gnod - aquarian downer

    If anyone from the UK wants to help me out, I can try for any US titles that aren't on my wantlist:

    Allman Brothers - Live at the Atlanta Pop Festival
    Beau Brummels - Bradey's Barn
    Black Moth Super Rainbow - Backwash 7”
    Bowie - Welcome to the Blackout
    Jeff Buckley - Live at Sin-e
    Dumptruck - Wrecked
    Grateful Dead - Fillmore West
    Latin Playboys s/t
    Linda Perhacs - I’m A Harmony
    Phish - Billy Breathes
    Pink Floyd - Piper (mono)
    Spacemen 3 - Taking drugs to make music to take drugs to
    Spectrum - Highs Lows and Heavenly Blows
    Sufjan Stevens - Mystery of Love
    Neil Young - Tonight’s The Night live at the Roxy
  9. cement_head

    cement_head Forum Resident

    Oxford, Ohio 45056
    I've not heard this Lou Reed recording (Animal Serenade) - is it good? Something that one would play more than once?
  10. gojikranz

    gojikranz Forum Resident

    their RSD edition of from genesis to revelation was awful it put a track that was supposed to be on side 1 on side 2 or something like that. sold that one off immediately.
  11. rnranimal

    rnranimal Forum Resident

    It's interesting if you're a hardcore fan, but even as a hardcore fan, I haven't found it worthy of many listens. There's no drummer. I think Fernado plays electric drums on some tracks. Also, the album leaves off "The Last Shot", "Perfect Day" and "Sweet Jane". "Sweet Jane" is available as a digital download. I tracked down a place selling a lossless version and edited it into the album.
  12. Terry

    Terry Forum Resident

    Excellent album.
  13. cwd

    cwd Forum Resident Thread Starter

    Clarksville, TN
    did you listen to it?
  14. gojikranz

    gojikranz Forum Resident

    yes can't recall any particular feeling of greatness or badness in terms of the sound quality but when something is screwed up in a bigger way I tend to focus on that first.
  15. Lecords

    Lecords Forum Resident

    I saw some press materials for Varese Sarabande's most recent Black Friday releases (Tangerine Dream, Electronic Meditation; Forbidden Zone soundtrack; Leonard Nimoy, Mr. Spock's Music from Outer Space), which, perhaps unintentionally, included what looked like mastering cue sheets. I'm not all that familiar with those types of documents but they gave me the impression the reissues had been mastered from CD. This is total speculation, please take with grains of salt, unverified hearsay, etc etc etc.

    I still bought the Tangerine Dream one. It sounds ok, I guess. I'll probably buy this one too.
  16. Nathan Aaron

    Nathan Aaron Forum Resident

    Any Hooverphonic from Music on Vinyl this year? They’d been putting out a new one every RSD. But I can’t find anything so far...
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  17. pghmusiclover

    pghmusiclover Forum Resident

    Nope not this year..

    Music On Vinyl

    Look for the RSD 2018 tab.
  18. aoxomoxoa

    aoxomoxoa Closet optimist

    Dayton ohio
    That’s bloody sacrilege
  19. Mrtn77

    Mrtn77 Forum Resident

    European Union
    It's not good, that much is a sure, but the guy is ever bit as free to work on the song as Dylan was to borrow from his forefathers (as he pointed it out himself in his Nobel acceptance speech). Like it or not, that's how art works.
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  20. cwd

    cwd Forum Resident Thread Starter

    Clarksville, TN
    Wasn't being critical & respect your decision-just trying to gauge how hard I want to go for their Tangerine Dream RSD release. Thanks.cwd
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  21. FourWalledWorld

    FourWalledWorld Forum Resident

  22. crazybeats

    crazybeats Well-Known Member

    I could care less what you think. You're a name on a screen.
  23. Danby Delight

    Danby Delight Forum Resident

    And you seem to think that indie record stores only sell Zep and Queen records, so you're a name on a screen that is making absolutely zero sense.

    I mean, have you literally ever been in an indie record store? Because it sounds like you haven't, because you don't know what they sell.
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  24. Embracetheday

    Embracetheday Forum Resident

    United States
    I can hear the gorts making their way over now...
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  25. Boognish

    Boognish On a never-ending quest for vinyl...

    My local store that's doing RSD said that this year, they released the list before they started receiving preorders from the stores themselves. Any reason that they'ed change it up, as they haven't done that before?
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