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  1. Rosskolnikov

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    Greetings, friends. I'll be in Buenos Aires next week and with a good part of one day free, I hope to do some vinyl and CD hunting. Are there any good places left in the city for such a search? I'm open and grateful for any and all advice.
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    Santiago, Chile
    Probably a local will know more but there was (is, still?) a sotre called "Musimundo". They used to have a good selection.
    Usually CD´s pressed in Argentina where very cheap, you could get 3 for around $15. Not sure now as the economy has gone crazy.
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  3. Rosskolnikov

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    Follow-up, after the fact and in case anyone else searches the topic:

    1) Musimundo stores have pretty much gone the way of Best Buy in the USA. There's a small section of music in the back, and you can find major catalogue titles but not any depth. Very little vinyl.

    2) El Ateneo bookstores had a really good selection, including deep catalogues of local music at pretty good prices. Really nice to find stuff like Astor Piazzolla's Conjunto Electronico (70s) and Argentine rock classics like Maquina Por Hacer Pajaros, Invisible, Spinetta Jade and more here.

    3) Miles Discos, slightly to the west of downtown, had a really nice vinyl selection, espcially of jazz. But it wasn't deeper than what can be found abroad.

    4) Maniac Records, slightly further west, had an intriguing selection of Japanese imports. Interesting to see a business based on that model, and this reminded me of the audiophile specialty shops seen in places like Singapore.

    5) Abraxas Records, had moved into a mall on Av. Santa Fe. Found a good price on a used vinyl of Spinetta's "Artaud" here.

    6) Bonus Track, just west of the Obelisk, was a tiny place but with superb stock. Carrying both CDs and vinyl, I found a number of deep catalogue vinyl including Spinetta Jade's - Bajo Belgrano and a large selection of jazz, Brazilian, and British and American catalogue stuff. Plus 7" singles. Was pretty high priced, though. Argentine catalogue vinyl has been picked clean, and the good ones that remained were $40 (US) and higher.

    7) Continuing west of there on Av. Corrientes, there were 4-5 more really good shops, one about every block. Saw all kinds of Argentine catalogue material there, including more obscure stuff from Richard Coleman, Daniel Melero, and Pedro Aznar. Most of these carried recently-released vinyl from Gustavo Cerati that I was surprised to see. But the prices were all over the map, from as high as $95 for a 2-lp to a low of $40 for a 2-lp (sometimes the same albums). Searching around, I was able to find his entire solo catalogue plus several strong late-period Soda Stereo albums on vinyl for below prices. But it took about 10 km of walking to do so.

    Took almost a whole day to do some record shopping. That left the weekend for the excellent Museo de Bellas Artes and some good meals in Puerto Madero. Not bad for two days free in the big city.
  4. Daniel Falaschi

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    No point looking in big stores. Look in if you are looking for something in particular. If you don't understand something, you can PM me.
  5. Rosskolnikov

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    But indeed part of the fun was traipsing around town on foot, looking and finding. Am a bit old school in that way. Really enjoyed my time there, by they way. People were beyond friendly to me, except for the guy who wanted to insist that "my government" was both behind a fall in the peso AND a drop in manufacturing in Argentina. That was an unusual combination of economic theories . . .
  6. Daniel Falaschi

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    many stores advert in mercadolibre
    you can allways walk to the store you are buying in.
  7. Adrian_1788

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    Cactus Discos and El Gallo Cantor.
  8. hutchenstance

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    El Gallo Cantor is where I got my original Coltrane Blue Train for like US$13 back in 2001....
  9. LitHum05

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    Just checked out Exiles Records. Not a bad little place in the Palermo Soho neighborhood. Some Beatles reissues from the 70s, including the awesomely-titled “Socorro!”

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