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    Going to be in Dublin next week and wondering if there are any good shops to recommend. Will be staying in Temple Bar. Most interested in things not easily available state side--UK pressings, etc.
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    Depending on how common it is what you are looking for; you will probably need to get out of Dublin to find anything desirable and not overpriced.


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  3. culabula

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    Belfast, Ireland

    Freebird Records, Wicklow Street

    Spindizzy Records George's Market

    Tower Records Dawson and O Connell St

    The Record Spot, Fade St

    All City, Crowe St

    Oh, in fact look here :

    You might be more likely to pick up Irish pressings rather than UK ones and yes, beware of prices. Spindizzy can be very reasonable, mind.

    Not sure if Mojo Records has reopened or not. George died a couple of years ago, but I heard a rumour that it had reopened. More power to them, if so.
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    Tower have two stores , one in
    Dawson Street, and second in Eason store on O’Connell street
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    I get the impression he’s looking for second-hand, vintage vinyl, though. Tower is great, but all new stock.
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    How are Vinyl Dublin and Superhero?
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    Vinyl Dublin is only round the corner from Record Spot and Spindizzy, so no harm in calling in. Of Superhero, I know nothing.
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    If you want new pressings then I'd recommend Tower Records on Dawson Street. The first floor is just records apart from an annex for TTs and equipment etc. You can at least see the signed album Bob Dylan sent them for their support; it's behind the till.

    Spindizzy in the George's Street Arcade is decent. They stock new and second hand. Prices are fair. I have got solid stuff there over the years. Ask at counter if they have anything 'going out', they always let me ransack the selections still awaiting filing. Generally in my experience second hand there ranges from €9 to €20 for most things in the A to Z though they often have tasty stuff on the wall.

    Freebird on Wicklow Street is good also, as mentioned. Though I think can be a bit pricey on certain second hand. I associate most things being €12 to €15.

    Both these shops stock the covers on the racks in new plastic sleeves and file the discs / inserts. Don't know how particular you are on condition but neither shop has natural light. I just mention it. I have lost count of how much stuff I bought in these two over the years!

    Vinyl Dublin (if it's different from @culabula 's one) is on George's Street Dun Laoghaire and not the George's Street located in Dublin 2.

    Both it and Superhero are out of the city. The former is in Dun Laoghaire which is accessible by a Dart (train) heading south from either Tara Street or Pearse Street stations, nearest if you are staying in Temple Bar. Takes c. 20 minutes.

    Superhero is in the Blackrock Market. The same train serves it. Less travel, 15 minutes maybe. Only open weekends. The market is about two minutes walk from the train station.

    Not as familiar with those two to be honest. Used to trek out to such places before parenthood curbed my record hunting.

    Bespoke stalls often crop up on weekends in Meeting House Square in Temple Bar. Books and records sometimes but not a huge variety.

    The earlier reference to Mojo Records is worth checking out. Ran by the late, great George Murray. Was in Temple Bar but was sporadically closed. May have reopened. Would be delighted if it was. Used be good for U2 / Irish stuff, if that's if any interest.

    Best of luck, anyway!
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