Record stores in Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island & Connecticut!!

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    Believe it or not, but I've found some of the most obscure used New Wave, that I've never seen at any other Ct store, at Johnny's in Darien. It's mostly new stuff, but they have stacks of used on the floor. I spent an afternoon digging and came away with a bunch of obscure $3 new wave.
  2. Danby Delight

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    Such as? We might all have different definitions of obscure.

    Some Boston news: Blue Bag Records in North Cambridge is in the process of being sold. The original plan had been that they were going to close for a month starting October 3 and reopen in November under new ownership. That got pushed back to after the start of the new year, so current owner Chris Guttmacher (ex-Bullet Lavolta, Cul de Sac) is staying for the next few months and it's remaining open its usual hours.
  3. Marc Perman

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    Blue Bag is a good spot, I hope it stays around.
  4. Chee

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    Maybe the blue man is going back to Hollywood?
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    Nope. He wants to retire, probably to some little town in the Berkshires. He was asking me about New Mexico a while back.

    My concern about him selling is that I worry that the new owner will turn it into just another used record store. Although I have little interest in Chris's core interests, reggae and European prog, the fact that he's into niche stuff means he buys niche stuff that fits my interests, like Italian soundtracks and library music, 70s MPB and really obscure UK and EU post punk. Maybe the new guy won't do that. Maybe he'll have his own niches. Let's find out, I guess.

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