Record stores in Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island & Connecticut!!

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  1. skyjelly

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    Portland, Maine
    Basically, if you like crate digging, Moody Lords, Strange Maine, and the Freeport Emporium are your best bets for finding play copies at decent prices. None of those three places deal primarily with vinyl. If you want a curated and clean copy, and don't mind paying the going rate, then Enterprise, Electric Buddhas, and Deep Grooves are what you want to hit.
  2. Audionerd

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    Yep, I stopped by Integrity N Music (it's in Wethersfield) last week. Still a great jazz selection, split between CD and vinyl, as well as some blues, rock, etc. He's also got in-store jazz shows some Saturdays. Picked up a few things I'd not seen before. Prices are very reasonable: new stuff was priced less or same as online music shops, and used was really a deal.
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  3. uzn007

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    Baja Virginia
    About the same time In Your Ear Cambridge last got any new reggae CDs.
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  4. dkmonroe

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    The record store of my youth in Montpelier, VT. Haven't been there since 1984 but I'm sure it's as great as it ever was.
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  5. Danby Delight

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    Heads up: the flagship location of Newbury Comics, on Newbury Street in Boston, is moving a few doors down into a bigger, three-story place with comics and collectables on the top floor, apparel on the second, and vinyl on the ground floor. And yes, that means no more CDs at that location.
  6. uzn007

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    Baja Virginia
    Interesting. That sounds like it will actually be closer to the original location.
  7. Thesmellofvinyl

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    Cohoes, NY USA
    Mine, too, along with Harry's Discount (now long gone). I was in Buch Spieler a couple weeks ago; if you're near Montpelier, go. Then go to Barre to shop Exile on Main Street. Brattleboro has Turn It Up! and In the Moment.
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  8. CCrider92

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    Cape Cod, MA
    Sunset Records in Somerset, Massachusetts, is a great little shop just off I 195 between Fall River, MA, and Providence, RI. Bob, the owner, is very knowledgeable and caring about what he sells. Great prices too, He's been there for a very long time.
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  9. fjn04

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    clifton Park, NY
    I also hit Integrity N' Music in Weathersfield. I hate to say it, but it's pretty rough there. The condition of some of the vinyl was truly pitiful. I can't see anyone going out of their way to hit this place...Just
    being honest. Of course, you never know with a little luck, on a random day. I grabbed 2 CD's, and the guy at the counter said "That's all you found". I realized after leaving that I was very polite in my answer.
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