Record stores in Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island & Connecticut!!

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  1. Marc Perman

    Marc Perman Forum Resident

    East of the Hudson
    I’m new to MA, I went to Mystery Train recently and was impressed by the sheer size of the place, but the condition of most of their records less so. So far my favorite stop is Record Exchange in Salem.
  2. PB with J

    PB with J Well-Known Member

    Somersworth NH USA
    Record Exchange is probably my current favorite, too, with the chnacethat you'll get a chance to talkt o Barrence Whitfield (who signed my Barrence Whitfield Sun Ra album the day it came out.
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  3. Danby Delight

    Danby Delight Forum Resident

    Yes, Barrence has been the guy who manned the register every time I've been in.
  4. Danby Delight

    Danby Delight Forum Resident

    Heads up: Skippy White's in Boston is closing just after the first of the year.
  5. Audionerd

    Audionerd Forum Resident

    Well, Integrity n' Music in Wethersfield is closing its doors by the end of January. Another shop bites the dust. Wasn't the greatest shop around, but it's still one less option to pick from, in an already barren landscape. Too bad.
  6. roverb

    roverb Active Member

    That’s a unfortunate news. It used to be a great store back in the 1980s, when they were next door to the guitar shop, right near Carvel.
  7. Chee

    Chee Forum Resident

    Lot of barren landscape. The ones in business pile on Discogs and eBay to survive. Florida was once great to shop, most every shop I went to in '89 is gone or just plain stink now.

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