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Record stores in Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island & Connecticut!!

Discussion in 'Music, Movie and Hardware Store Guide' started by panicproject, Dec 28, 2017.

  1. Tullman

    Tullman Senior Member

    Boston MA
    I got some good used vinyl at that store. I miss Mike who used to be the manager.
  2. Tullman

    Tullman Senior Member

    Boston MA
    I have to check out Looney Tunes in Allston. I used to buy lots of used records from them when they were on Boylston Street near Berkley College. They were good about returns if the vinyl wasn't up to standards.
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  3. thetman

    thetman Forum Resident

    Newbury in Norwood must have a lot of used vinyl on hand, since they are no longer buying any.
    Last time I was there it seems the bulk of their store inventory was used. I would think eventually they will need to start restocking ( buying) used vinyl again.
  4. roverb

    roverb Forum Resident

    hey have any of y'all been to the Infectious Groove in Amherst NH ?
  5. roverb

    roverb Forum Resident

    visited yesterday - small, but nice store with both new and used vinyl.
  6. Jim0830

    Jim0830 Forum Resident

    After reading your post Wednesday I was a bit puzzled. I used to drive that stretch of 101A, pre-COVD lockdown, and I was unaware of a record store in Amherst. I thought I knew most of the record stores north of 128 and into Southern NH. That was explained with my visit today. The store opened in January 2020 and the last time I drove by this location was December 2019. I also had assumed incorrectly there would be less record stores in business after we all emerged from quarantine, not a new one that opened up when COVID started.

    The store is small but is well laid out, with a strong focus on rock and all the outgrowths of rock from the early 60's and beyond. There is actually quite a lot to chose from. There is a small amount of jazz and popular plus a little classical, country, soundtracks etc. Based on my limited browsing I would say they carry around 85% used and 15% new titles. They carry CD's as well, but there were less on the main sales floor compared to LP's. I didn't look at the CD's. There seemed to be many more CD's and LPs out back in a back room behind the counter. There also was a small room with what looked to be mostly used turntables and audio gear. I was there for LP's so I skipped this as well.

    The main row of back to back LP browser racks running down the middle of the store are 2 tiers high. The bins near the floor are actually roll out drawers with the records arranged left to right in the drawers. They are easily viewed by just bending down a little, there is no need to kneel on the floor to view any of the Rock A-R LP's. The remainder of the browsers for S-Z are on 3 sections of wall forming one end of the store. Along these three walls are two tiered browser racks with simple bins below. These lower bins feature the $1 LP's. I didn't bother checking any of them out. These same 3 walls are also the feature walls with the rarest releases on walls shelves above the bins. I scored a NM copy of Let It Be Naked from the feature wall.

    The music is well curated and the owner says he tends to shy away from a lot of the music you see everywhere. When he buys collections he tends to feature the more unusual titles in the main browsers and moves the other typical titles that don't interest him in the discount bins. The owner is very friendly and helpful. The regularly priced LP's in the main browser bins are all cleaned, put in outer sleeves with the price sticker showing the vinyl grading. Even the used box sets were in outer sleeves. All of the LP's I looked at were in very good condition and I thought they were reasonably graded and reasonably priced. I found several records I have been specifically looking for unsuccessfully for several years now and some ones I never knew existed on LP.

    This is one of the better stores in the Northeastern MA/ Southern NH area and definitely worth a visit if you are in the area. Who knew?
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  7. roverb

    roverb Forum Resident

    yes, i agree.. i visited the day after i made my inquiry about it.. great store imho
  8. Danby Delight

    Danby Delight Forum Resident

    I discovered -- by noticing the sign while I was stopped at a light -- that there is a new (six-month-old) record store on Main Street in Watertown, MA. It's at the heart of Watertown Square on Main between Spring and Mount Auburn and it's called Wanna Hear It Records.

    After circling around and parking (there is a massive metered lot on Spring, behind the CVS and that row of restaurants on Main), I walked into a small, neat store that is only going to be of interest to a smallish subset of this thread. 2/3s used to 1/3 new, focused almost entirely on punk, hardcore, metal, and indie, with a passing interest at best in classic rock. No CDs, typical of Boston-area stores.

    Prices aren't bad. The new releases I saw were all between $15-20 for single discs, into the $20s for double LPs. That's for new releases by current artists, I wasn't paying attention to reissues. They know what they're doing in terms of grading and pricing on the used stuff -- preferred pressings were marked and priced as such.

    I was in a hurry so I was only in there for about 15 minutes. Spent almost exactly a hundred bucks on five albums, a mixture of new and used. There were seven other customers, four men and three women (the only ones who were shopping together were two of the women), all of whom had pull piles.

    That's encouraging, because honestly, the idea behind this store seems kind of odd to me. There are plenty of specialist record shops in the Boston area -- this isn't even the only one that focuses on punk and metal -- but they're all in neighborhoods with a lot of foot traffic and shops of a similar vibe. And that's...not what Watertown Square is. It's a perfectly nice neighborhood, but it's not a hip urban oasis by any means.

    But I repeat, I was one of eight customers on a hot-as-balls Saturday afternoon of no particular import after most of the students have skipped town, and even in a busy record store town like Boston, that's noticeable. So best of luck to them, and I'm interested to see how they evolve.
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  9. PB with J

    PB with J Well-Known Member

    Somersworth NH USA
    You can park on Charles River Road for free (I like the Diner at North Beacon).
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