Record stores in Orlando ?

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    got a free day tomorrow any good music stores in the area! Thanks in advance
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    Unless something has changed since the last time I visited them in 2014, Rock & Roll Heaven and Park Ave CDs are both solid stores worth visiting. And they're pretty close to each other -- a mile or so apart.

    Rock & Roll Heaven is more geared toward oldies and has a good selection of CDs and vinyl in that vein. Park Ave CDs has more modern music in the bins, on CD and vinyl, but also doesn't ignore the classic stuff.
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    Florida, USA
    There's a new record store on Edgewater Drive called Foundation. It's a small store, mostly all used records, the owners are friendly and the prices are better than other stores in the area. They do quantity discounts too. On the last Saturday of the month they'll bring in addition boxes of records to dig through as well.

    I'd recommend Park Ave CDs over Rock & Roll Heaven. R&R Heaven may have a better used selection but the prices are typically 30 to 40 percent higher than Park Ave. Going often is the key to getting a good deal at Park Ave, the recent arrivals bins are my favorite.
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    Looking for a bit of an update if anyone in the Orlando area could be so kind.

    When in Florida I normally visit some shops in the St Petersburg area, but we are only visiting Orlando this time, so hope to have a spare couple of hours to do a bit of hunting.

    We're staying just off Universal Boulevard, so Rock N Roll Heaven looks a fairly short drive away, all good.

    I am a bit confused by the previous comment that Park Ave CD's is not that far from R N R Heaven. When I look, Park Ave CD's is on Corrine Dr which seems to be north of downtown Orlando, therefore a fair bit away from R N R Heaven. Has Park Ave CD's moved at some point in the last few years or am I looking at the maps all wrong? Any advice appreciated.

    Are there any other shops closer to the tourist areas of I Drive/Kissimmee/Lake Buena Vista that anyone is aware of, I don't mind a little drive?
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    Rock n Roll Heaven's prices are comical. For example: Allman Brothers - Win Lose or Draw for $40. Stevie Nicks - Bella Donna - $35. That place is a joke. Park Ave is a normal record store.

    We walked from RnR Heaven to Park Ave.
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    Unless they moved recently or opened a second location, Rock & Roll Heaven is only about 5 minutes by car from Park Ave CDs. I usually hit both on the same trip, because they're that close. Lots of good restaurants in that vicinity, too.

    Rock & Roll Heaven
    1814 N Orange Ave, Orlando, FL 32804

    Park Avenue CDs
    2916 Corrine Dr, Orlando, FL 32803

    EDIT: Could be you're confusing R&R Heaven with R n R Record Shop, a different store on International Drive near Universal.
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    Thank you! You are right, I have been getting my R&R/ R N R mixed up, that's where I've gone wrong.

    A little drive up I4 past downtown looks to be in order while l leave the family by the pool for a couple of hours.

    Thanks all.
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    I agree with the general consensus, Rock & Roll Heaven and Park Avenue CDs are the two best, and yes Rock & Roll Heaven is expensive, but the selection is much deeper, I hit 5 or 6 record stores in one afternoon in Orlando and R&Rh were the only ones that carried any Japanese pressing, and were I found two albums that had been on my want-list for ages "The Gun - Gun" and Three Man Army - A Third Of A Lifetime...both 1st press. You get more bang for your buck at Park Ave, but I was pleasantly surprised how deep the inventory was at R&Rh.

    If you have a car, a 40 minute drive to Renninger's Antique Center in Mt. Dora could be worth your while, on weekends a store called Village Vinyl opens and the prices are the cheapest I've seen in the greater Orlando area, he's got a few thousand used albums, all sorted by genre, but grading can be spotty, but you can play anything you want on the record player to make sure. Got a 1st press of BOC- Agents of Fortune there in NM for $5.

    I have heard good things about Remix Record Shop which is in Winterland, very close to Orlando, but haven't gotten the chance to check it out (but I will this August :love: )
  10. deadbase

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    The section is deeper because NOBODY is paying their idiotic prices, so their stock just sits.
  11. spanky1

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    East Tennessee
    Are you referring to R n R Record Shop or R n R Heaven?
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    It's been a few years but I remember my one time visiting R&R Heaven while on tour, I found an original of Sly & The Family Stone's debut LP and a orange/plum UK 1st press of Yes Fragile, both in wonderful condition. They were reasonable too IIRC - something like $75 for Fragile and $25 for Sly. I will definitely be back there next time I'm in Orlando.
  14. spanky1

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    East Tennessee
    I'm in Orlando for a few days. What are the thoughts on R & R Record Shop?
    I'm at Universal, so I should be close to it. I called, and they close at 8:00. My interest is used cds.
  15. spanky1

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    East Tennessee
    I made the rounds in the limited time that I had. I don't have any interest in adding to my LP collection, so me comments are based on cd shopping. Didn't get to visit all the stores I wanted, but here's what I visited (in order):

    Park Ave (Corrine Dr) - Nice store, friendly. Had a massive selection of box sets. Didn't have a large selection of used cds, but the new cd selection was pretty good. Told him I was from out-of-town, and he recommended a couple of other stores. Bought a great Dr. John cd while I was there.

    Retro Records (N. Bumby) - This was what many record stores were like in the 80's, when I started visiting them(and that's not a good thing). Fortunately, I'd
    forgotten how bad they can be, and why many went out of business. This also reminded me of why ebay was a wonderful thing when it began, and you could find records(online) without dealing with this type of store. Store was somewhat dark, and had the old-record store smell. Selection was ok, pricing was what you'd expect. The memory jolt came when the guy working there watched me like a hawk. I'm a 50+ year-old man, short hair, mini-van......etc. I don't think that I fit the profile of the stereotypical shoplifter, but who knows. Anyway, I picked up a Gene Vincent cd from the bargain section. Carried it around for a couple of minutes, and put it back. Since the jewel case was broken, and they guy was less than friendly, I decided I'd move on to another store. I said goodbye, and as I left, he asked "you were carrying around a couple of cds, did you put them back?" I kind of
    chuckled inside because I remember this exact discussion on this forum within the past few weeks, but had never had it happen to me. I told him that it was only 1 cd, gave him the title, and advised him that I placed it back in the bargain section, alphabetized, where I found it. He still didn't seem convinced, so I walked straight there, picked it out, and brought it to him at the register, and told him the jewel case hinge was broke. Then I walked out. As I drove away, it brought back memories of visiting lots of record stores 25-30 years ago, and why many died out.

    Rock and Roll Heaven (Orange Ave) - This was a place that I could have spend a couple hours in. The store is large, but it is absolutely packed full. Very clean and lighting was good. The vinyl selection was enormous, and I browsed through some old titles(40-50 year old), and they were in great shape(some were still sealed). The cd selection was pretty good as well, but I think most of the energy was toward the lp side(I completely understand why). The cd side of the store was completely over-packed, with some cds on shelves and displays, while the same amount or more were in boxes nearby. I have no doubt that I could have found several titles if I had the time to go through all of the boxes of unshelved cds, but I was a bit rushed. This was a wonderful store, and the guy(I assume the owner) was very friendly, and I would have conversed with him a bit longer but a customer came in, and needed some assistance. I did see a Bear Family set of Billy Vaughn for $40(in great shape). I believe this was the 6-cd set. I was hoping to find more, but this was all that he had.

    R n R Record Shop (International Dr) - This was my last stop, and was closest to Universal. Shop was pretty small, and was in a strip mall. Cd selection wasn't bad, employee was pretty friendly, and chatted with me most of the visit. Pretty typical store, not a huge selection.

    Wanted to visit East West Music, but ran out of time. Google reviews were pretty much in line with the way I'd rank them. I did notice that poor customer service at Retro Records was pretty typical.
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    I swing through these shops at least three times a year - two of those trips get paired with the Orlando Record Show- so here's my thoughts...

    Park Ave - great selection of new vinyl & cds with an indie bent. Used vinyl is not plentiful but fair selection. A little too closely priced to Ebay to make me want to buy anything common from them but if it's rare they are fair on it. Other stores $2 buck chuck - Dan Fogelberg, Captain & Tennille, The Spinners - is $7 here for some reason.

    Retro Records - The clerk you met I believe is the only one that store has. He was working at Rock & Roll Heaven on Sunday’s when it was closed but now that Retro seems to be open then too I’m not sure how that works out.That guy is harmless but definitely quirky - and in the summer carries a distinct odor - in other words a walking stereotype of everything folks grumble about concerning unsociable record collectors. They’ve started pricing themselves too high on used vinyl over the past year or two making it a less essential visit on my route. The CD selection is still decent and well priced.

    Rock And Roll Heaven - I get why folks on the surface might think this place is overpriced but this is a more curated experience than most record shops. The records are virtually mint - no scratches, scuffs, or ring-wear. It evokes going back to the original release era and finding a new copy in the racks. Anything that’s not goes straight to their dollar room. I always spend several hundred bucks each visit and find great value for the money. CD selection is solid if not as well displayed or organized. To me, still the best store in Orlando to visit. Staff is extremely knowledgeable and friendly.

    R&R Record Shop - this was a miss for me on my one visit last year. LP’s were common C level titles- nothing rare or exciting. I think I bought a sealed Dolly Parton album to regift just to say the dig wasn’t a total loss. Not worth going out of the way to find.

    A couple not listed...

    Remix Record Shop. Solid titles with good pricing. Small so it’s easy to fit in if you get 20 free minutes. A little more dance focused than the others but I have found several rock titles here on my wish list.

    Uncle Tony’s Donut Shop - Beautiful set up for a record store but everything is grossly overpriced. Those Diana Ross LP’s that don’t move quickly at seven bucks each in your local shop are thirty to forty here and not even minty like Rock & Roll Heaven’s stuff. Totally skippable.

    Hope this helps anyone planning to hit Orlando.

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