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    I’m going to be in St. Pete for a conference followed by some R&R, and am wondering what the record store scene is like. The most recent thread covering the area (Sarasota/Tampa record stores? ) was during the heart of Covid, and I’m sure things have changed since then.

    I’m well aware of Bananas, and a Yelp search mentions Planet Retro and Daddy Kool. Any reviews or info on these or other shops in the area is appreciated. The week is tightly scheduled, so excursions to Tampa, Clearwater, etc., are out of the question. Thanks in advance.
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    Bananas is the place to go. They have two stores relatively close to each other (one small store on the main street, and a giant warehouse off the beaten track). Be sure to visit both. You can spend the entire day looking through their inventory. And they have additional inventory that you can only see via their computer system.

    Also, check out Asylum Records at 6566 Central Ave, St. Petersburg, FL 33707. It's like a head shop with a section of records.

    Those are my two favorites.
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    Another recommendation for Banana Records. I started at the warehouse, then went to the retail store. They even shipped my haul home for me, and everything arrived home the day after I did in perfect condition.
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