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  1. FloydVivino

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    Visiting Vienna shortly.

    Any recommendations of record stores, specialists or general, used or new (not the local , worth the visit?

    Love records and quality bargains as much as the next person, but love also the charming cool ambiance of the best stores.

    Austrian releases? Are thet any good?

    I'm both into jazz and into classic or progressive rock.

    Any recommendations most welcome!
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    Make sure to go to Substance Records, one of my favourite record stores ever, anywhere. They do a lot of new music and avant garde - for example, they have the largest CD selection of the likes of Current 93 and Nurse With Wound I've ever seen in a shop. Definitely worth a visit.
  4. jimod99

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    Substance would be pretty high on my list, Black Monk which is close by is also excellent, although the store is tiny and the owner can be exceptionally grumpy, until you get to know him, it’s a treasure trove for the obscure though. Lindys which is also within walking distance is decent.

    Others recommended would be Recordbag in the 4th district for new releases, Sissy Sound is also worth visiting.

    Teuchtler I always found a bit meh, it’s a bit disorganized, Moses I steered clear of as its loaded with counterfeit pressings, Sing Sing I liked for cd’s, that’s were I found an RCA Heroes cd for €7, couldn’t believe my luck.

    If you have access to transport my two favourite shops were outside the city centre, Lenny’s in the 23 District and Wienyl in the 14, both absolute treasure troves and must visits if you can. Lenny's you will need a car to get to, Wienyl is easily reached on public transport.

    However, one thing to be aware of, many of the stores are one person operations and can have erratic opening hours, Lenny’s for example only opens on Thursdays and Fridays, Black Monk doesn’t open until 2pm. Stores may be closed if the owner is on holiday. So always check that they will be open before you head to a particular store.
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  5. FloydVivino

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    Guys this is great thank you!!
    That will make my otherwise boring work trip much more interesting!
    And a few of the local beers of course!
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    Coincidentally, I'm a classic/progressive/jazz guy also visiting Vienna later this week! Thanks for the recommendations...and happy hunting, Floyd.

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