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    Well , at least for now we have 4 locally owned record stores, The best is Culture Clash, which is the accumulation of the former Boogie Records, legendary in these parts, and always a friendly place for local band and special live events on RSD, but Pat the owner just passed, real sad..Culture Clash Records We also have music stores Allied Records, Home Page - Allied Record nice , small collection of new and used vinyl, equipment, guitars, amps and cds..nice place..seems to be almost like the old days. We are still morning the loss of Pat O'Conner, the local guru of vinyl..and only hoping the store can remain..but without Pat, it's remains to be seen..
    We can take the 1/2 hour ride to Ann Arbor, where The great Wazoo, still has an upstairs shop, and Liberty Music is Encore Records..real cool place..
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  2. Chris C

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    What about "Finders Records" in Bowling Green??? I sadly only had about 30 minutes to shop that store one day, while driving through that area and I'm sure that I could have easily spent a few hours there! HUGE selection!

    Finders records
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    Is Ramalama still in business?
  4. Nice Marmot

    Nice Marmot I've seen better ways, man. I know better ways.

    Tryon NC
    I remember Peaches which was on Reynolds Rd, National Record Mart in Franklin Park Mall, Camelot in North Town Mall, and Media Play on Monroe St. All gone years ago. Boogie was in Westgate.
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    I love Culture Clash Records. I have family in Toledo and make it a point to stop in there whenever I'm in town. I didn't really know the owner but I had a really nice chat with him the first time I visited the store around two years ago. Seemed like a great guy who really took pride in his shop.

    And I just got to check out Finders Records back in February. Fantastic selection and some really good sales on current vinyl. I was really surprised at the number of "unofficial" pressings I came across. That would appear to be a specialty of theirs.
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    I'll have to head back down to BG Finders. Yes used to be really choice, one room, for pop and rock, a second
    room for jazz and classical, all records....last time I was there, a hand full for records, tons of cd's, lots of ephemera (stuff)..I was just happy they survived..
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    What about AA Records Are Us? Still in business?
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    Finders is the best AA records used to be the best than Frank Passed away last year.
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    I really liked Special Records N' Stuff back in the late 80's early 90's.

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