Recordshops in Athens / Mykonos / Santorini and Naxos - Greece

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  1. mestreech

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    maybe some fellow music-lovers know some recordshops in the following city's / islands in GREECE.

    1. Athens
    2. Mykonos (island)
    3. Santorini (island)
    4. Naxos (island)

    Many thanks,

  2. vinylontubes

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    Katy, TX
    I would just wander around the bazaar in Athens. Just go to the beach in Mykonos.
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  3. Arnold Grove

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    I would be amazed if any of the islands had record shops. In all my trips to those islands and some others (I never went to Naxos), I do not recall ever seeing one record shop---and that was when records were selling big-time.
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  4. mestreech

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    thanks and I sure will follow your
  5. mestreech

    mestreech Forum Resident Thread Starter

    If I find one I will inform you.
  6. petercl

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    Seekonk, MA, USA
    Zakinthos had one a few years ago, Crete too.
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