Recordshops in New York (Manhattan)

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    That sounds like a quintessentially New York experience. Do you remember where the guy was? Was it like a flea market or just one guy set up somewhere?

    Safe travels.
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    This guy was set up on the corner of Broadway and Houston. Got a great story too about how he went to the concert for Bangladesh.
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    Yikes. All Things Must Pass in '19. Beatles Christmas Album stacked in 25 count unopened boxes at Beatlefest '74 NYC at $20 each. Beatles Fan Club remains on 2 tables.
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    Just got back myself from 4 days in Manhattan and I used this thread and others to get some much needed tips. Didn't end up getting away to shop as much as I had hoped, but I did hit Jazz Record Center, Stranded, A1 and Academy.

    For anyone in New York, if you are into vintage jazz, now would be a good time to pay Academy (E 12th) a visit, as they apparently just bought a very large collection of nice stuff. Only a small portion had been put out when I was there. I picked up a few '70s Blue Notes in excellent condition and a second label Sonny Rollins East Broadway Rundown. I wish more of the Impulse titles had been out when I was there, but more for the rest of you!

    Thanks to all who have contributed to this thread and the others linked from here! Hopefully, with my kids really enjoying the trip as well, it won't be so long until my next visit, and I'll be able to use more of this intel.
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