Red Hot Chili Peppers to release second double-album of 2022, "Return of the Dream Canteen" 10/14/22

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Galaga King, Jul 23, 2022.

  1. Galaga King

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    Release date is October 14, 2022.

    Return of the Dream Canteen CD

    We went in search of ourselves as the band that we have somehow always been. Just for the fun of it we jammed and learned some old songs. Before long we started the mysterious process of building new songs. A beautiful bit of chemistry meddling that had befriended us hundreds of times along the way. Once we found that slip stream of sound and vision, we just kept mining. With time turned into an elastic waist band of oversized underwear, we had no reason to stop writing and rocking. It felt like a dream. When all was said and done, our moody love for each other and the magic of music had gifted us with more songs than we knew what to do with. Well we figured it out. 2 double albums released back to back. The second of which is easily as meaningful as the first or should that be reversed. 'Return of the Dream Canteen' is everything we are and ever dreamed of being. It’s packed.

    Made with the blood of our hearts, yours truly,

    the Red Hot Chili Peppers.
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  2. MHP

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    With all respect to the Peppers, I have yet to hear an album from them where quantity is bliss.
  3. cable hogue

    cable hogue Forum Resident

    These guys are putting in work! Respect
  4. Boomy

    Boomy Forum Resident

    Ok, could you imagine a disc color based on the artwork? Melted ice cream? Hopefully they won't make it purple and yellow again!
  5. footprintsinthesand

    footprintsinthesand Reasons to be cheerful Part 1

    Dutch mountains
  6. Bottjer713

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    Glad to hear this announcement. They had alluded to the fact that they had another album in the can. Looking forward to hear this.
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  7. 905

    905 Senior Member

    St. Louis
    Great news, I'm a fan of Unlimited Love.
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  8. James5001

    James5001 Forum Resident

    All filler no killer going by Unlimited Love.
  9. See? Looks to be confirmed that Unlimited Love indeed is a double album.
    Anyway, as I love this album I'm very excited for their next one, this is great news!
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  10. Art-wise very different looking to the other one...
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  11. Leugi

    Leugi Forum Resident

    That’s very cool….
  12. Muffinbutt

    Muffinbutt Forum Resident

    United States
    I think Unlimited Love was very enjoyable. I liked it a lot at least.
  13. beatlefan99

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    17 songs like on Unlimited Love!
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  15. Bill Pafford

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    Surveyor, WV
    Looking forward to the new album.
    Unlimited Love gets plenty of spins at my house.
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  16. Bowie Fett

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    Los Angeles, CA
    Can’t wait.
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  17. joelee

    joelee Senior Member

    Made me a bigger fan than ever before.
  18. MikeVielhaber

    MikeVielhaber Forum Resident

    I'm definitely up for this. I still listen to UL weekly and dig it quite a bit. It's consistent in quality but doesn't have as many homeruns as usual. Maybe there will be some on this one.
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  19. Muffinbutt

    Muffinbutt Forum Resident

    United States
    Looks like on pre order website for RHCP, just standard black vinyl as of right now
  20. muzzler

    muzzler Forum Resident

  21. Ristifer

    Ristifer Forum Resident

    Pretty awesome news. I was a bit lukewarm on UL, but I still enjoyed a chunk of it. More music is always welcome.
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  22. Drummer2468

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    New Jersey, USA
    $16 for domestic shipping! Oof
    I think I’ll wait until it goes on sale somewhere other than the band’s website.
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  23. rlj1010

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    Coral Springs, FL
    I'm only a little down on this because now their upcoming tour is going to be overkill of new songs. (I'm admittedly a casual fan, and I still hope there's enough room in the setlist for the classics I expect.)
  24. Muffinbutt

    Muffinbutt Forum Resident

    United States
  25. Son of Ziggy

    Son of Ziggy Forum Resident

    Sounds like torture to me.

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