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Rega Planar 3 vs Technics SL-1500C

Discussion in 'Audio Hardware' started by Pretty.Odd., Dec 4, 2019.

  1. rebellovw

    rebellovw Forum Resident

    Prescott, AZ
    That comes off as very logical and has always thrown me for a loop - the problem here is that the love for turntables and what constitutes an Audiophile turntable by many is illogical.
  2. rebellovw

    rebellovw Forum Resident

    Prescott, AZ
    There is also the idea that the Technics SL12xx is the Toyota Camry of turntables - safe, reliable and boring. Many would prefer a Fiat.

    I myself am a Mustang man and therefore also have a VPI Classic in my garage.
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  3. csgreene

    csgreene Forum Resident

    Idaho, USA
    I'd call them a Lexus...
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  4. Bob_in_OKC

    Bob_in_OKC Forum Resident

    Anyone here is welcome to look at my previous comments on the topic of any turntables over the years. I believe you would find no tendency on my part to criticize Technics turntables or to push for Rega turntables. I ran a search for the word Rega on the comment history of one person who has an expressed negative experience with Rega and common tendency to promote Technics. The search for the word Rega produced 275 results. That’s a lot of Rega talk for someone whose view is so negative. I’ve been trying not to make this out to be a Rega-bashing issue, though. The negativity is directed at Pro-Ject, too.

    I like to talk about the facts of turntables or turntables in general. I have some knowledge of Rega turntables that I offer when a question comes up. I have some degree of knowledge about Pro-Ject and Music Hall turntables that I’ll offer when appropriate, such as published or unpublished technical characteristics. I often talk about antiskating, effective mass, compliance, speed, and any other technical issue. There might even be people tired of my opinions on antiskating. I keep it generally balanced within what I know. I might comment on Technics turntable to help answer a question, same as any other turntable.

    I’m not typically a critic of Technics turntables. I am a previous owner of a Technics SL-1200MK2 and a few other direct-drive turntables like Marantz, JVC, Pioneer, and even Dual. If any or all of you think I’m biased, I can accept that. I buy equipment like the 1200 or the Clearaudio Concept to experience it for myself, so I don’t have to wonder so much. I can develop my own opinions from my own experiences. And when I form those opinions, I might offer them up at times, but I don’t think I push it. I consciously try not to. If there is a Rega vs. Pro-Ject discussion, someone will jump in and say Technics. If there’s a Rega discussion, someone will jump in and say Technics. If there’s a Technics discussion, I’ve never noticed a tendency for someone to jump in and say Rega. I’ll admit I haven’t researched it, just an anecdotal observation.

    For those interested in how members of this forum generally feel about Rega, Pro-Ject, Music Hall, and any other turntable on the value end of the scale, I’d suggest looking at the thread with a poll of sub-$1,000 turntables. The leader is the Rega Planar 3. Sure, I know there might be logical reasons that the Technics isn’t the leader in that poll despite surely being very good, but my point is this - There are many people here who like these turntables. If you like Technics, that’s good. We should ideally have what we like. And if we promote it vigorously, I suppose that’s fine. It seems like we ought to be able to accept an opposing opinion without making it personal, but maybe that’s unrealistic.
  5. Pretty.Odd.

    Pretty.Odd. Forum Resident Thread Starter

    New York, New York
    Great response. It really does seem one isnt better than the other and that it is a pretty split opinion. No turntable in this price range is perfect. I decided to hang on to my Rega Planar 3 and start upgrading my other equipment and see if it makes me like the P3 any better. I've only had it for a year so I feel like calling it quits on it right now is a little ridiculous. No point making a parallel switch to a new turntable after this long. Eventually after my other equipment is better, I'll upgrade to a more expensive table that's in a totally different league.
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  6. csgreene

    csgreene Forum Resident

    Idaho, USA
    I like buying decent gear once, setting it up properly, and then listening to music. I have no desire to constantly experiment, upgrade, etc. But that's why my tagline refers to me as an 88%er. ;) In keeping with the topic of the thread, that's why I chose the Technics 1210GR recently. I've had my original Technics linear arm TT since 1985 when I bought it new and have never had to do a thing other than replace styli and, finally, the original Technics cart. I don't want to keep messing with a TT and with these modern Technics, you don't need to. Get your cart installed and aligned (easy if you've ever done it before) and play your records.
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  7. SmileyDude

    SmileyDude Senior Member

    I would probably go with the Rega over the Technics. One simple reason is that I prefer belt driven tables. Another is that I'm not a fan of the built in phono stage offered with the 1500. Sure, Technics want you to believe you can override with the simple flick of a bypass switch if you prefer to add a different external phono stage/upgrade. But I know having worked on two recently, that the board circuitry does not offer complete isolation when flipping the bypass switch, and there will be some interference. Not a true "bypass" in my opinion. In my opinion Technics should have omitted it from the build design, or at least put more emphasis into its design/circuitry. But for someone who doesn't care, and has no plans on bypassing the built in phono stage, no big deal.

    That said, both are decent entry level tables.
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  8. avanti1960

    avanti1960 Forum Resident

    Chicago metro, USA
    which turntable offers better speed stability ?
    which turntable has the best speed accuracy ?
    which turntable provides the best immunity to vibration ?
    which turntable allows the most precise alignment of the stylus tracking angle to get the most out of the finest cartridges on the market ?
  9. McLover

    McLover Senior Member

    Athens, Tennessee
    And the Rega Brigade is as bad if not worse. And also just as biased. Consider that. If buying a Rega, the Planar 3 is where one wisely begins, as you gain better build quality, better function, less need to upgrade to do the important aspects of vinyl playback correctly. Also, bear in mind, the Rega is very manual, and also requires belt handling if you wish to play 45 RPM discs. (though you can buy their electronic speed control later to do this with a button push).
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  10. Lucca90

    Lucca90 Forum Resident

    There are better options available IMO (from a sound quality perspective), for example:

    Funk Firm Gett
    Clearaudio Concept

    The Technics 1500 looks nice but the Achilles heel of the Technics TTs is the tonearm, it is a well-known fact.
    For many years audiophiles have used Rega and Jelco arms to improve Technics models.

    Ps: If you end up buying the 1500 replace the tonearm.
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  11. RPM

    RPM Forum Resident

    Easter Island
    It's a well known prejudice, not a fact.
    Because they had nothing better to do.
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  12. Paul K

    Paul K Senior Member

    Toronto, Canada
    I owned Regas for decades and couldn't stand the speed issues with them.
    Plus lack of VTA and Azimuth adjustment drove me nuts.
    I can't think of any other turntable that people purchase and before they have brought it home, are upgrading with Groovetracer or Tangospinner upgrades.
    Made me think.
    I started getting into restoring idler drive turntables and putting the arms of my choice on them.
    Found a gently used 1200 MKll and it was a revelation.
    That combined with a Jelco adjustable headshell is just perfect.
    I am now converted.
    I won't ever be spinning a belt drive ever again.
    Especially a Rega.
    My last was an RP6.
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  13. rpd

    rpd Senior Member

    I love Rega. In fact, I have so much Rega gear, it would literally make your head spin! And I could not be happier about my systems. Also never had speed issues with my Rega tables.
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  14. Paul K

    Paul K Senior Member

    Toronto, Canada

    Have you measured it?
  15. rpd

    rpd Senior Member

    I have. Mine are both spot on, as was my P6 before I sold it. I have a P10 and P9
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  16. Sterling1

    Sterling1 Forum Resident

    Louisville, KY
    Seems like if Rega satisfied there would not be a need for so many, or the need to upgrade.
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  17. rpd

    rpd Senior Member

  18. The 1500 doesn’t have a bypass switch. There are two separate RCA outputs entirely, and the switch only isolates the ground.
  19. Randoms

    Randoms Aerie Faerie Nonsense

    I haven't used vinyl since the noughties and only ever owned two makes of turntable, Rega and Linn, which among other good brands I also sold for around 15 years. I do try and listen to current turntables to hear what advances have been made since my retail days in the eighties and nineties.

    I also do not like the style of the Technics and was never convinced with the older SL1200 models and actually see a removable headshell as a (slight) compromise, so had a sonic preference away from DD, BUT, the sound from the SL1200GR I found to very good and the pitch stability outstanding.

    @Pretty.Odd. I think it makes far more sense to look at a Rega Planar 6, which with the excellent Neo can be set to run at 33.33, or Technics Sl1200 GR - both despite design wise being very different are excellent turntables.
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  20. SmileyDude

    SmileyDude Senior Member

  21. csgreene

    csgreene Forum Resident

    Idaho, USA
    For those who don't like the Technics "look" I do not disagree. But for under $1700, I think it's the best turntable on the market in that price range. When I factored in my own accommodation price of $1236, it became an absolute no-brainer. I'll live with the look for the performance and build quality.

    Replacing the arm? Yeah, no.
    Last edited: Dec 7, 2019
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  23. SmileyDude

    SmileyDude Senior Member

    Lol, perhaps you missed the portion of my initial post where I say the following;
    "Not a true bypass in my opinion."
  24. The Dragon

    The Dragon Forum Resident

    Madison, AL
    It's a business. What do you expect?
  25. :laugh: Well, that’s true! All good. :thumbsup:

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