Relatives-siblings appearing together in a TV series *

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    If this has been done forgive me,ok..Clarence Williams III-Gloria Foster[Mod Squad]..Ron Howard-Clint Howard[Andy Griffith Show]..Olsen Twins[Full House]..Lowry Twins[Sister Sister]..Marlo Thomas-Danny Thomas[That Girl]..Phylisha Rashad-Debbie Allen[The Cosby Show].
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    My Three Sons - Chip and Ernie(Barry and Stanley Livingston) Leave it to Beaver - Tewey and Whitey (Fafara Brothers) .
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    Quark- unjustly forgotten sci-fi comedy with Cyb and Patricia Barnstable
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    Here’s Lucy-Lucille Ball + offspring Lucy Arnaz and Desi Arnaz Jr
    Diagnosis Murder-Dick Van Dyke-Barry Van Dyke
  5. It was only a one-off, but Jason and Justine Bateman appeared together in an episode of Arrested Development.
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    All three kids on Everybody Loves Raymond were siblings.
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  8. Rachael Bee

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    Diagnosis Murders had Dick Van Dyke and his son Barry.
  9. Antifrodis

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    Darryl and Dwayne Hickman were of Dobie Gillis together.
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  10. HGN2001

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    Veronica Cartwright made a couple of appearances in MAKE ROOM FOR DADDY which also starred her sister, Angela.
  11. davmar77

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    clifton park,ny
    The smothers brothers
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    Not TV, but annually shown on TV, A CHRISTMAS CAROL (1938) featured Gene Lockhart, Kathleen Lockhart, and June Lockhart.
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    What's amusing about this is that they were blood brothers playing non-blood siblings...
  14. AKA

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    Brian Keith and his daughter, Daisy, were both in the cast. Tragically, both committed suicide in 1997.

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  15. Steve...O

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    Dick and Jerry Van Dyke played brothers on the VD Show.

    Tony Shaloub's wife was a guest on Monk.
  16. lv70smusic

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    Twin Peaks had at least a couple, though I don't think they had any scenes together. David Lynch played a recurring character, and his son Austin Jack Lynch guested in one episode. Also Mark Frost guested in an episode or two, and his father Warren Frost played a main character.
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    Zooey Deschanel guest-starred in an episode of Bones as the second cousin of the title character played by her sister Emily Deschanel.
  19. Dillydipper

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    The original Law & Order ("dunt! dunt!") had a pair of sisters (Jill and Jacqueline Hennessey) in the cast. Only Jill was credited, as she was the one hired to play Sam Waterston's second-in-command-with-benefits, starting with what, the second season, after Arthur Hill left? The sisters are identical twins, and Jacqueline was pressed into service as both a body double, and on occasion, stepped into the role of her sisters' character. For instance, during the shooting of one of the crossover events with the Homicide: Life On The Streets, Jill had scenes to shoot in Baltimore (the series was shot live in Fells Point), so her sister covered for her on the NYC set.

    Jill then took the series Crossing Jordan for 6 seasons, but I don't see any references to Jacqueline for that; she already had an on-set carer back home in Canada.
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    Ron Howard did a guest stint on Clint's series "Gentle Ben", and IIRC, Clint did a guest spot on Ron's "Happy Days"...

    James Naughton and his brother David Naughton were both in an episode of the "Planet of the Apes" TV series, James starring as Peter Burke, with David doing a cameo as an ape doctor.
  21. mace

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    Lloyd, Jeff and Beau Bridges. Sea Hunt
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    Nicholas Brendon and his twin brother Kelly Donovan on Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
  23. Hadean75

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    Aaron and Shawn Ashmore rarely appear in the same tv shows/movies, but they did appear together in an episode of Fringe a few years back:

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    David Carradine and his father John were both in an episode of "Kung Fu". David's brother Keith also appeared (uncredited) as a younger Caine (in flashbacks, never on screen with David).

    Alan Alda, his younger brother, and his father all appeared on "M*A*S*H".

    David Cassidy and his stepmother Shirley Jones starred in "The Partridge Family".
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    Danica McKellar (as Winnie Cooper) and her sister Crystal (as Becky Slater) appeared in "The Wonder Years".

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