Releases You’re Looking Forward To in ‘23?

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by tomd, Dec 22, 2022.

  1. tomd

    tomd Senior Member Thread Starter

    What new and reissued titles are you looking forward to in ‘23?


    1.Bob Weir-Ace (reissue)

    2.Eric Hilton (of Thievery Corporation)-Past Present Future Ep IF it sees a physical release (streaming and download only as of this time)

    3.The Cure-Live From The Moon (which it’s release in imminent-Lol)
  2. Keith todaro

    Keith todaro Forum Resident

    new Venice, supposedly?
  3. c-eling

    c-eling They're made of light,We never would have guessed

    OMD-Anything not live
    And One (New Album) -hoping for
    Rotersand (New Album) -hoping for
    Covenant (New Album) -hoping for
    New Order-Low Life Box
    Karl Bartos (New Album) - C'mon you old fart, you have at least one more in ya :laugh:
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  4. Ben Bland

    Ben Bland Cannot explain King Crimson

    ‎The Midwest
    New Yo La Tengo is coming soon.
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  5. Jamsterdammer

    Jamsterdammer The Great CD in the Sky

    Málaga, Spain
    Yep! Got it on pre-order.
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  6. Humbuster

    Humbuster Gort of the Crimson King Staff

    The Who - Who's Next Box set

    Cream - Wheels of Fire box set (been a long time coming, hopefully 2023)
  7. Exitmusic

    Exitmusic Forum Resident

    Leicester U.K

    The Arcs - Electrophonic Chronic (January 27th)

    Yo La Tengo - This Stupid World (February 9th)

    Gorillaz - Cracked Island (February 24th)

    Lana Del Rey - Do You Know That There's a Tunnel Under Ocean Blvd (March 10th)


    The Cure
    Black Country New Road
    The National
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  8. Swansong

    Swansong From Planet Earth

    Rolling Stones Mono Box
    Bob Dylan Bootleg Deluxe
    Neil Young Archive volume 3
    Neil Young & Craze Horse Raged Glory Deluxe
    More Zappa Archives
    More Blue Note releases
    Paul McCartney London Town & Back to the Egg
    More Sun Ra
    Beatles Rubber Soul Deluxe
    John Lennon deluxe….anything
    The Who Who’s Next deluxe edition
    Grateful Dead….. should be a great year from the vault.

    …… as you can see, I’m an old guy who is completely out of touch with what’s happening.
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  9. Kiss73

    Kiss73 Forum Resident

    Bob Dylan- Fragments: Time Out Of Mind (Confirmed)

    Rumoured New Albums

    Susanna Hoffs
    Jethro Tull
    Peter Gabriel
    The Rolling Stones
    Paul Simon
    Hunt Sales Memorial
    David Crosby

    Rumoured Box Sets

    Elton - Don’t Shoot Me I’m Only The Piano Player (SDE)
    Jethro Tull – Broadsword & The Beast (SDE)
    Joni Mitchell - Archive III
    Coverdale Page (SDE)
    Stephen Stills Manassas
    Marillion –
    Seasons End (SDE)
    Terence Trent D’Arby Introducing The Hardline

    From Resonance Records/Elemental/Jazz Detective (as hinted by Zev Feldman)

    Ahmed Jamal
    Bill Evans
    Bill Evans
    Art Tatum
    Sonny Stitt
    Walter Bishop Jr
  10. DPK

    DPK Forum Resident

    Off the top of my head, so I'm probably forgetting some good stuff:

    Green Day
    Yo La Tengo
    Guided by Voices (at least 2 new albums)
    Wedding Present (I'm assuming/hoping that 24 Songs thing will be released on CD in '23, and I think there's another Locked Down & Stripped Back CD on the way too)
    Gaslight Anthem
    Buffalo Tom
    The National
    The Cure
    Public Image Ltd.
    The Folk Implosion

    Probably '24 but I'm hoping for '23:
    Pearl Jam
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  11. BigManRestless

    BigManRestless Forum Resident

    New albums from Sparks, Kissing The Pink, OMD, Scenius, Dramatis and whatever Rusty Egan is doing with his Visage project.

    Reissues / overhauls of the Fun Boy Three catalogue

    The rumoured ABC Lexicon Of Love box set (and please do Beauty Stab and How To Be A Zillonaire as well).
  12. mark winstanley

    mark winstanley Certified dinosaur, who likes physical product

    Looking forward to
    Porcupine Tree- Deadwing 5.1
    Elton John - Don't Shoot Me... 5.1
    Alan Parsons - Turn Of A Friendly Card 5.1

    Hoping for
    Gentle Giant - Interview 5.1
    More Zappa 5.1's (Waka/Wazoo is really great)

    Not really sure what else is on the horizon
    Nick Cave?
    Devin Townsend?
  13. Dhreview16

    Dhreview16 Forum Resident

    London UK
    Peter Gabriel
    Van Morrison
    Andrew Hill/ScoLoHoFo Blue Note Tone Poets
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  14. aorecords

    aorecords Forum Resident

    Has the rumor that there's a Gigaton II died? When it was released, someone said they had inside info. There's also the half-heart on the spine and some thought it implied there was a follow up with the other half of the heart coming to complete the set.
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  15. LilacTeardrop

    LilacTeardrop "Roll It Over, My Soul...and Leave Me Here"

    Margo Price - Strays
    January 13, 2023


    Guests: Sharon Van Etton, Mike Campbell

    Change Of Heart
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  16. PhilBorder

    PhilBorder Forum Resident

    Sheboygan, WI
    New Donald Fagen, with rumors of some songs that he wrote with Becker.

    When it comes to SD music, apparently one can buy a thrill.
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  17. schanibeat

    schanibeat Well-Known Member

    New albums:
    U2 - Songs of Surrender (March, 17)
    Depeche Mode - Memento Mori (March, 17?)

    ABC - The Lexicon Of Love (rumoured)
    The Beatles - Rubber Soul (rumoured)
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  18. LilacTeardrop

    LilacTeardrop "Roll It Over, My Soul...and Leave Me Here"

    Gaz Coombes - Turn The Car Around
    (Gaz, of Supergrass)
    January 13, 2023


    Don't Say It's Over
  19. Jimmy B.

    Jimmy B. Music and movie fan.

    That 43rd Anniversary issue of the Ramones' End Of The Century album, of course.
  20. Melele

    Melele Groover

    Wanderland USA
    I could copy/paste my post from last year saying I hope we will see “G Stands For Go Betweens” Volume 3 from Domino Recordings next year.
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  21. Dr. Nick

    Dr. Nick Tufnel Is God

    I'll 2nd this .
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  22. newportfc

    newportfc Well-Known Member

    Newport RI
    Dave Matthews Band - Before These Crowded Streets
  23. Ristifer

    Ristifer Forum Resident

    Metallica - 72 Seasons
    Paramore - This Is Why
    Kimbra - A Reckoning
    Algiers - Shook
    Kelela - Raven
    Steven Wilson - The Harmony Codex
    Margo Price - Strays
    Ne Obliviscaris - Exul
    Julia Holter (hopefully)
    Jessie Ware (hopefully)
    Kate Bush :biglaugh:
    Tom Waits :biglaugh:

    I'm sure there are more, but those come to mind first.
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  24. Freedom Rider

    Freedom Rider Senior Member

    The new Yo La Tengo comes to mind.

  25. versionsound

    versionsound The six strings that drew blood

    Lives of Angels’ Elevators to Eden is supposedly being re-pressed in the new year. It’s a very hard record to come by and was never released on CD, so I am very much looking forward to being able to buy a copy for retail.

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