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    Supposing one had only heard a remix of a "classic" album, and took to it instantly....how would a spin of the original go down?
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  2. Vaughan

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    Entirely depends upon the listener, and how long they've lived with the remix, imo. You can't forget something you've know for a year or so. Ideally you'e presented with an example such as the Tull booksets where you get the remix AND the original mix in the set.
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    A lot of it depends as to how the listener approaches the original. Even if it's not a great (original) mix, he/she may consider time-period factor. For me, that's what makes the original mix of Sgt. Pepper so incredible..done on four-track machines in 1967 and sounds incredible for all intents and purposes. With an open mind, the listener may find the original mix every bit as good on it's own merits (maybe better) than the remix. This actually happened with me concerning Graham Nash's first album. Initially, I only had the remixed version to go by which sounded great. Then, for the fun of it, I picked up-for only a couple of bucks-a nice used copy of the original album. Much as I liked the remixed version, I thought some of it was a little overdone and kind of strayed from the original "integrity" of the album from the early 70's. I like both mixes but I actually tend to lean towards the original. Great question, by the way.
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  4. In the case of Aqualung, I have to disagree with SH's opinion and say the remix is still better than the DCC (despite the DCC being the best version of the original mix).
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  5. alexpop

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    I buy them but don't play them.
  6. SurrealCereal

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    I was introduced to Genesis by way of the widely-hated 2007 remixes. I actually liked them when I first heard them because of their crisp, clear sound. When I found out about how much people hated them and how much revisionism went into them, I started buying the original mixes on CD. I initially didn’t like the original mixes because they do not have quite the same clarity or vocal-centric sound to them. Once I started upgrading to vinyl, I realized that the original mixes were typically the way to go. That’s an example of a remix (and a fairly brickwalled one at that!) that I originally liked more than the generally preferred version.
  7. Chemguy

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    In the case of Street Legal, I have to disagree with SH’s opinion and say the remix is better than the original vinyl, which has always sounded muddy to these ears.
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  8. If I Can Dream_23

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    I imagine hearing an original mix versus a remix might be similar to hearing an original song versus a cover. In short, it would truly be a case by case preference as to which one grabbed the listener more.

    I say that only from firsthand experience. I know there are countless instances where I first heard a cover song, then heard the original, and its often split about 50/50 as to which one I continue to return to most often. Usually depending on the artist covering it and how their style complements the original. More often than not, I really like both for often quite different reasons.

    I think that last sentence is a positive aspect of remixes and the reason why it's a good thing, in my view, that many are made. That and the simple fact that it can keep a significant or landmark album "fresh" or modern. Many despise that notion due to the remixing of it, but as I always say, more options to appreciate art is always better than fewer. It's not like there is a reduction of anything happening. Or that there is an either/or decision needed. The original art doesn't suddenly dissipate into thin air or something. It may become less circulated or appreciated with the passage of time, but that it simply the passing of time taking its natural course on everything. Of which albums certainly hold no special immunity for.

    At any rate, the bottom line, is that any given remix versus an original mix will always be taste dependant. Much like anything else we can think up.
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  9. Vaughan

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    It would be interesting to hear the remix without the brickwalling.
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  10. Beatmaniac

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    I had a friend of mine who had never listened to Pepper before (we’re in college). I have my stereo set up in my apartment and I had him listen to the original stereo, remix, and mono of Good Morning, Good Morning. He preferred the vocals vastly more in the and generally preferred the mono, though he did mention that their was certainly more clarity in the remix.
  11. Chris Schoen

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    I never went back to the original Machine Head album, after hearing the remix. Just smokes it completely.
  12. ShockControl

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    You can get an idea from talking to people who first heard 60s pop in mono and only later heard the stereo. And vice versa.
  13. Six String

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    I think at least for me would come down to which sounded better. I am not one to assume a remix will be an improvement. It's a case by case basically for me.
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  14. joshm2286

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    In the 90s I would listen to my fathers first press LP of Jethro Tulls Aqualung. I liked how it sounded. One day in about 2000 my father let me hear the 1999 CD and I thought it sounded a little flat compared to the record.

    A few years ago I thought to myself I don't own any Jethro Tull albums. I eyeballed the Mofi and DCC releases of Aqualung and Thick as a Brick but didn't want to pay an arm and a leg. Got the 40th Anniversay CD/DVD Steve Wilson remix box sets. Aqualung sounds Crystal clear so I applaud Steve Wilson for the good job on the new stereo mix and 5.1 mix.
  15. Khaki F

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    That's actually happened to me.

    I got used to New Order from listing to their remixes, and bought the albums later. I still don't care for the albums before "Brotherhood" very much, but love the remixes.
  16. Ivan

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    I've always enjoyed the Rubber Soul remix from the 80's. I didn't even know it was a remix until the 2009 remasters were announced. Have never been able to warm up to the original mix, and I find it interesting reading the critiques of the remix on these boards.
  17. Joy-of-radio

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    Agreed. However, I'm certain there was much more than remixing done to "Pepper". It sounds like their was a lot of futzing around with the individual session tapes before they were remixed. With Giles Martin's EQ, compression, and volume level choices, he succeeded in producing a perfect Frankenstein mix! I'm not sure how I would have received the original mix had I not heard it before the remix.

    On the other hand, I recently acquired the Ron Furmanek remix of "Bobby Goldsboro - Honey: The Best Of Bobby Goldsboro", and Ron did Bobby's material justice. While I was already familiar with the original mixes, I'm certain I would have preferred the remixes had I just discovered the original mixes. Also, Ron did not futz with the individual session tapes. The recordings are dynamic and vibrant with very good clarity of sound.
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  18. Fishoutofwater

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    I have both the original and the remix of street legal; I like them both and dont prefer one over the other. They just sound different to me. Some remixes work for me and others end up in the bin!!
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