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  1. AnalogJ

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    Resonance Records has a sale that ends 7/26. 50% off everything in stock.

    They're a non-profit, so they're worth supporting.

    I purchased and just got delivered today a half-dozen items. I have a lot of listening to do in front of me -

    Hittin' The Ramp. Nat King Cole early works from transcription discs and other sources. I bought the 7CD set.

    Sarah Vaughan Live at Roxy's (CD)

    Shirley Horn Live At The 4 Queens (CD)

    Thad Jones and Mel Lewis - All My Yesterdays (live at the Village Vanguard) - 3LP set. This is the inaugural concert of their big band.

    And two Resonance Records compilations -

    Sing A Song Of Jazz

    Jazz Piano Panorama

    Thus far, I just cracked into the 1st CD of the Nat King Cole. Sound quality is, at times, astonishing. The music? He's an amazing piano player. I haven't reached the Oscar Moore material yet.

    I had considered the limited edition vinyl of Hittin' The Ramp, but I didn't think the sound quality would justify it. Now I'm not so sure. And while the CD packaging is nicely done (booklet is done on high quality paper and includes extensive liner notes and interviews), it's all done CD size. The 10 LP set is all done LP size, coming in box with a lid, and LP size booklet. I'm sure the LP of this set is more impressive than the CD set is more impressive in that regard.
  2. NewKidInTown

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    Thanks for sharing your thoughts because I have been contemplating this and was leaning towards cd...may reconsider
  3. AnalogJ

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    Salem, MA
    The CD set is simply a CD-sized slipcase with 2 CDs in each gatefold jacket, and a 7th CD in its own sleeve. The booklet slips inside the box along with the CD sleeves. It's all done to slip easily into a shelf of CDs. But it's not going to be nearly as visually impressive as the vinyl. The vinyl set will be sumptuous in comparison, and a point of pride every time you handle it. And the vinyl set is a limited edition.

    Their retail originally was ~$100 and $200 respectively. But the sale has them at $47.50 and $97.50.

    I can't say one way or another whether the vinyl set will sound better the CD, but it will be easier to read all the notes and look more impressive.
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  4. misteranderson

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    I picked up the Larry Young LPs, Wes Back on Indiana Ave. LPs, Wes Echoes of Indiana Ave. CD, Sarah Vaughan CD and Charles Lloyd.

    Thanks @AnalogJ - Enjoy the Thad/Mel set. It's excellent!
  5. AnalogJ

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    Salem, MA
    You're welcome. To paraphrase a song in the musical, Bye, Bye Birdie, I've got a lot of listening to do.
  6. thenobs70

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    Thanks for the heads-up! Picked up 6 Wes Montgomery releases. :righton:
  7. GentleSenator

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  8. DigMyGroove

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    I received my order a few days ago, thanks for the heads up — Great Stuff!
  9. AnalogJ

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    Salem, MA
    I ended to placing two orders. :)

    I'm still going through all the albums on LP and CD.
  10. Blue Gecko

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    I ordered 4 Bill Evens sale CDs:
    • Some Other Time: The Lost Session From The Black Forests
    • Live at Art D'Lugoff's Top of The Gate - 2 CD
    • Another Time: The Hilversum Concert
    • Evans in England
    They took a month to arrive (pandemic delay). I'm just getting through them now. Resonance has interesting selections which are now typically not available elsewhere. So far, so good. Better quality than I expected from a nonprofit. I'll give them a plug.
  11. AnalogJ

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    Salem, MA
    Their stuff can vary in quality, generally limited by their recording quality. But the music is generally great.

    I got an LP Wes Montgomery sampler. About 30 minutes of music per side. Kinda midfi, but good music.
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