Retip a Denon DL-103R or buy another one?

Discussion in 'Audio Hardware' started by Trabik, Mar 14, 2018.

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    I’m glad you posted this. My retipped cart has a lighter headshell spacer than what is on my stock 103r and was thinking I’d swap spacers. I see you have yours in a Paradox Pulse body, so I’d say weight isn’t my issue.

    I’m planning on more listening this weekend.
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    Carrboro, NC
    @ProfessorC1983 - any update?

    As for me, after letting everything settle in and making a few minor adjustments, I’m finding the bass to be really nice. I think that either my ears have become happy with the change or that the new portion of the suspension has loosened. The bass seems both detailed and tight with some of the bottom end that I felt like was initially missing.

    I’m tracking at 2.6 BTW.
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    @Trabik Glad to hear things are improving for you! I'm definitely trending in a better direction too. About 10 more hours since my last message. I removed the 3g spacer weight I'd been using on the headshell, which was messing up my alignment (every time I tightened down the screws, the weight would cause the cart to twist). That also let me drop 10g of aux weight from the end of the tonearm and still keep the effective mass in the butter zone, and alignment is much easier now.

    I also added the KAB fluid damper upgrade to my Technics 1200 tonearm. I know there is some controversy about this addition, but it does seem to have helped stabilize my bass, and as a bonus it greatly reduced the lead-in groove skipping I was experiencing, which let me lower anti-skate force to around 1/2 of VTF where it "should" be, and I think makes the cantilever happier.

    Of course I'm not done tweaking yet, but I've got the bass sounding pretty decent on my headphones. Next step is to add a subwoofer to my setup so I can replicate it in my room!
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