Revisiting Duke - Genesis: It's actually good.

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Eleventh Earl of Mar, May 4, 2016.

  1. Eleventh Earl of Mar

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    So, while when I first when I first found Genesis in 2013, just first exploring bands from a different era, I was really attached to the 1976-1981 albums, A Trick of the Tail and And Then There Were Three got played a whole lot. Duke did too, I really liked it. Time goes on and in my mind, after really assessing the whole discography (barring the last album anyway) I still really liked the first three Collins fronted records, but not Duke anymore. Today I gave it a spin, first whole listen on a different master I was recommended here (CBRCD) and it was great!

    This album often is said to be a transitional one, and I think that was my problem. There wasn't enough progressive rock in there to get behind that, and maybe that's why it was a letdown every time I played it all the way through. But just listening to it in terms of a pop record, it's damn good. It also happens to be the last Genesis record that really seems depressed, all three members writing songs about alienation, mourning over an ex, and being alone once again. That and the overarching Duke suite which in and of itself is pretty sad. Guide Vocal gets me everytime. This is an art pop record. Not a prog record.

    The last 10 minutes gives it that edge, but, it's not a prog album. And that's okay. Now, instead of cherrypicking tracks to listen to like Heathaze and Cul-de-sac, I can go and sing along to Misunderstanding without it feeling like it's on the wrong album or from the wrong band. It's right at home. Man of Our Times is still a little weird, though!
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  2. Jimbino

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    I love this album. I agree that it's a transitional album, but from beginning to end it's top notch. "Duke's Travels" and "Duke's End" cannot be played loud enough.
    Glad they did not put the Suite all on one side.
  3. the sands

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    Oslo, Norway
    Love it. My favorite Phil Collins lead singer of Genesis album.
  4. Rfreeman

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    Lawrenceville, NJ
    It was my introduction to the band and one of my first 5 or so big concerts (after at least Yes and Styx, and maybe Allman Bros and Van Halen).
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  5. D.H.

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    Probably the best one of the trio-genesis albums, but weak compared to the 70's albums (except And Then There...).
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  6. brucifer

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    Good? It's great! Their last great LP. Just drop 'Misunderstanding' and replace it with the b-side 'Evidence Of Autumn' and you have the last classic Genesis LP.
  7. sheffandy

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    Sheffield, UK
    I've always loved Duke, it has a perfect mixture of prog and pop. The Duke suite on the on the 1980 tour worked really well as a piece of music. Collins' drumming is superb throughout.
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  8. Pudding Effect

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    Live at Leeds
    Totally agree. Not because it wouldn't sound spectacular. Simply because it would leave a comparatively weak flip-side.
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  9. catnip nation

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    new haven ct usa
    Remember being totally surprised when it came out.Thought their best days were behind them,but there are great songs on this record.Man Of Our Times is very under rated ,one of my faves!
  10. tiger roach

    tiger roach Forum Resident

    I haven't played that album in at least 20 years, maybe it's time to give it another go?

    I saw that 80 tour, it was fantastic. The songs from Duke really popped live.
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  11. I've always liked the pre (PG) and post (PC) Genesis albums so I never had a problem really liking this one. This is a very solid effort and IMO quite underrated.
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  12. Texastoyz

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    Texas, USA
    Who said it wasn't?
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  13. kwadguy

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    Cambridge, MA
    I liked this album when it came out, although I hated (and still do) Misunderstanding. But I thought it sounded brittle and electronic whereas their previous albums had always been warm and analog.

    I like it more now than then, and I've made terms with the sound of the album.
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  14. bcaulf

    bcaulf Forum Resident

    In my top 5 Genesis albums for sure. It straddles the line between prog and pop perfectly. There are some great prog moments that are very melodic as well. And it sounds great: it has a huge sound, the last suite and Heathaze are my favorites, they're so dynamic.
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  15. Holy Diver

    Holy Diver Forum Resident

    I think it rules! One of my favorite Genesis albums.
  16. Runicen

    Runicen Forum Resident

    Duke was a hard sell for me when I first heard it - but that was still when I held to my "Phil Collins ruined Genesis" b.s. I've since, fortunately, seen the light. :oops:

    Duke is actually a cool example of what can happen when prog and pop intersect. It's still got some challenging music in it with some straight-ahead songs peppered in.

    I do find it funny that so many here have voiced their love for "Man of Our Times," because the chorus of that one drives me up a wall. Then again, the version I've most recently heard is the semi-recent remix and those '80s albums didn't fare too well in that form. I'll see about digging out the previous mix and see if that one does any better for me.
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  17. John54

    John54 Forum Resident

    When I bought it I only really liked the first track, but it must have grown on be because the last time I listened (a few years back) I basically liked the whole thing.

    I don't think it stands up to the classics of a few years earlier, ending with Trick of the Tail, but I can't disagree with the thread title.
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  18. cyclistsb

    cyclistsb Forum Resident

    Two out of three psycho killers agree!
  19. Mr.Sean

    Mr.Sean Senior Member

    I have an old vinyl copy. I like it very much.
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  20. BryanA-HTX

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    Houston, TX
    Wrong. It IS a prog record, their last and a darn good one, and a great way to close out the prog era, even if it did have pop leanings (And Then There Were Three did as well). Last really great album from the band in my opinion, and the last 10 minutes was pure prog rocking and an excellent way to close that book. "Misunderstanding" is the only real pop moment on the album. I felt "Turn it On Again" was pretty rocking.
  21. ohnothimagen

    ohnothimagen I don't suffer fools or trolls gladly...

    Bring on an officially released 1980 show! The Duke tour was awesome, based on what I've heard/seen...
  22. Rigsby

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    London, UK
    Thanks for bringing absolutely nothing to the thread whatsoever. Oh for a Phil Collins and Genesis thread where some clown doesn't make an American Psycho reference
  23. yesstiles

    yesstiles Forum Resident

    The final Genesis album I heard. Love the first and last 10 minutes or so. The rest is just okay. And also too long for a single LP.
  24. HiredGoon

    HiredGoon Forum Resident

    +1. Killer guitar line and verse, but the song then stops dead with a pedestrian chorus.

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  25. One of my favourites of the Phil vocal era.
    An incredible record from start to finish.

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