Rhino 12 Days Of Christmas (Ramones)

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    It's funny to read this as I've been watching this boxset for nearly 2 years now. Missed out on the original Walmart release and it was listed as SOLD OUT for months. I sent Jasonrhino a private message here and he told me the Walmart pressing was a one and done. Then magically a few months later it reappeared on Walmart's site where I put it in my cart but never pulled the trigger as I figured it would be around for a while. Then one day I got the "one of the items in your cart is no longer available" message. That was about a month before the pre-order appeared in the 12 Days of Rhino sale.

    Well, as we all know, Rhino supposedly sold out of that pre-order but now it surprisingly re-appears and shows up at people's homes as the Walmart exclusive.

    My "conspiracy theory" is that when Rhino decided to release this they demanded Walmart return their unsold stock so as not to compete w the Rhino release hence the sudden Sold Out message from Walmart and now Rhino is offloading what they had Walmart return to them.

    Just my personal thoughts.
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  2. My VH box arrived today, two days earlier than expected and just as I was gonna pull the trigger on the CSN limited edition MoFi that's on Amazon for 57% off. If I can convince the wife to get on board with that, I'll go buy a lottery ticket :D

    Will be opening the VH soon and report back
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  3. Its the Walmart exclusive per scanning the barcode on the bottom of the box:

    Van Halen – Box 1978-1984
    Label: Warner Records – R5 671179, Warner Records – 08122781399
    Box Set, Compilation, Limited Edition, Stereo
    6 x Vinyl, LP, Album, Reissue, 180g
    Country: US
    Released: Jul 1, 2022
    Genre: Rock
    Style: Hard Rock


    Walmart Exclusive Box with Backstage Pass Replicas

    Box sets were shipped in Van Halen themed oversized cardboard mailers.

    Manufactured in Czech Republic

    5000 pressed

    everything seems in order. all look new. cellophane on box was unmolested. box and covers in great shape. Backstage replicas are great Guess I'll be listening to VH while taking down the Christmas tree and watching it snow on Saturday!
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  4. used card points, got it for free. anyone have numbers they can recommend? :D
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    CALLED IT!!! :edthumbs:

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    I may have wanted the Picture Disc box set of Sabbath albums 1970 - 1978. Not sure how much it was on sale for. I do own originals from US and UK, and a Paranoid picture disc from about 1984 UK which is going to be the NEMs tapes era (very fine analog cut), and other nicer issues of the band. I just don't need it, but like the idea of having it. $250 is the normal price.

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