Rhino to issue massive Woodstock 1969 box set - **SOLD OUT!!**

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by SM7609, May 8, 2019.

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    I answered this before. There used to be a blog out there from one of the original Sha's. They were a bunch of NYC college guys doing the oldies act as a lark while they were in school. Someone knew someone who knew........ and they wound up almost closing.
    The Na everyone knows with Bowser was NOT the act that day. After college ended most of the original guys left the band and left music. (except Henry Gross, of course)
    So no, there was not a following, but they built on their appearance, got a Contract almost immediately, recorded an lp, then by the time rolled around to do a follow up, the band had changed dramatically
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  2. Terry

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    Throwing shade on Leonard Cohen makes your argument suspect at best
  3. ascot

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    This is not at all a criticism... but I expected there to be a lot more from the Sunday morning announcements. All the stuff from the Woodstock album and movie are here but surprisingly not much else. The series includes "breakfast in bed for 400,000", "the roads are fairly clear", Muskrat reading the New York Times and "Bugsy to the pink and white tent." I really thought there would be more of the usual acid warnings, medical notices, people trying to find others, etc. mixed in with morning chow. Nonetheless, it's fun to hear these bits in their raw form.

    Oh yeah, and stay off the towers! :D
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  4. Coogee

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    It seems from all the statements on this thread that no one outside the US has received the 38 disc box. Is that correct? I got an email from the UK customer service that they are looking into it. Unbelievable and disappointing.
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  5. notesofachord

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    I love Leonard Cohen and Sha Na Na. Both are very good at what they do.
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  6. tmoore

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    Also still waiting on 10 CD set. I ordered on Amazon (but didn't use Amazon Prime).
    Someone I know did order on Amazon Prime, the same day I did, and got it in 5 days. I ordered 12 days ago.
    They say Thursday Aug 15 delivery, but given that it's almost Aug 14 now, that isn't happening.

    So in the meantime, I found out my wife has Amazon Prime, and so last night I thought I'd reorder the 10 CD set using her account. But when I brought up that page, it said "delivery in 1 to 2 months". So I didn't pursue that anymore (I had not canceled my earlier order, that was done on purpose).

    Given what I said in the first paragraph about orders near mine (timewise) being filled, I'd hope I'd be near the top of the queue. But I have no way of finding out.

    I will be traveling soon, and there are brick-and-mortar places I know of where I will look, in the meantime.
  7. andyzax

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    If some nameless idiots hadn’t disposed of all the tape in between “meet by the Ferris wheel” and Max Yasgur, then you’d have more to listen to. Sorry.
  8. JNTEX

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    I just want a t-shirt that says "please get down from the towers"
  9. notesofachord

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    "That brown acid that is making its way around is not specifically too good"
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  10. JNTEX

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    At first there were warnings for a color of which Grace Slick later said it was 'good' and 'everyone is vibrating'

    At somewhere in the listen I think* I heard some off mic discussion with someone who was "selling stuff making people sick".
  11. elaterium

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    They were totally out of place. Completely irrelevant.
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  12. Joel Cairo

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    And thus, the beauty of the joke.

    - Kevin
  13. notesofachord

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    The Stooges and/or The Velvet Underground would've been out of place too.
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  14. Dwight Fry

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    I remember seeing Donny York (and maybe some other Sha Na Na members) on "Thicke Of The Night" in about 1984 or so. What I remember is that Donny stated that the dark glasses he was wearing were the same pair he wore at Woodstock.

    I would guess he still has them.
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  15. Bradd

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    I thought the comment was funny and meant to be funny.
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  16. JNTEX

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    I have no beef with Sha Na Na....but I did wonder if in 69, and their focus being early rock and roll covers, was that viewed as more something geared toward the 'older folks'. Just putting it in context.

    Onto Jimi tonight! I need to revisit the dead set tomorrow. And Janis. And Havens....
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  17. Frank Discussion

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    Need to get my two cents in on Sha Na Na . I was fascinated by them at the time ( I was 15 when Woodstock happened). I believe, before Woodstock, Rolling Stone magazine had done a lengthy story on them. Around that time and before I had been going backwards in time trying to figure out things like who really wrote and first performed "Mona" or "Johnny B. Good". What did those 50's songs, that were being covered by bands in the 60's, sound like etc. Remember the 50's rock and roll music scene was not that long ago at that time (1969).

    I remember seeing Sha Na Na on the Dick Cavett Show. I'm pretty sure it was after Woodstock, but still very early in their career. Can't seem to find any proof of that now, but I'm sure it was Dick Cavett. He gave them an unordinary amount of time to play. Seems like they played 7 or 8 songs. And even though the songs were short, it seemed like a lot of time. They were well received. I liked their passion for the music and the comic flair they put into their act. They would have probably gone over very well on Saturday or Sunday evening rather than Monday morning.

    As others have said, they morphed into something different over the years.
  18. Glass Candy

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    There should have been more 50s leaning acts, in my opinion. I mean, Quill or Bo Diddley? That is why the Toronto Rock And Roll Revival Festival the following month was such a cool lineup. Jerry Lee, Fats, Little Richard, Bo AND Doors, Alice Cooper, Chicago, Plastic Ono Band etc.
  19. dormouse

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    I would expect Amazon to keep in touch even if it is just a holding email to state a delay. I got one recently with the McGear album foul up. That has now arrived but was weeks late. I suspect they were caught out by demand and had to repress that item but that is a guess.

    The Woodstock thing I really don't get at all. For a supposedly limited special edition I cannot guess what has happened. Surely they didn't move warehouse halfway through compiling all of the bits for despatch and hence the chaos and I can't really see that a bonus set of posters which have a problem are holding up things. They appear as a second item on the invoice so why not mail out separately. The unboxing videos I saw did not include them so obviously some have been mailed out without them. Be fair to people who have put down a lot of money and keep them informed. It is inevitably going to influence potential future orders from affected buyers so silence is not a good business decision.
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  20. JoeRockhead

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    sha na na was brand new in 1969, Hendrix became a fan right away and got them on the bill
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  21. solent

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    Australian update (again). I rang Warner to check whether my order is still pending (they sent me the wrong item) and the staff member told me they received an invoice for the boxes this morning. Apparently this means they have arrived in the country. I would take this with another grain of salt but hopefully he is right and we should get shipping notices before Friday (he said). Good luck to all of you including those in Europe.
  22. chacha

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    Get your matches ready
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  23. JoeRockhead

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    only band with a sense of humor at the whole festival
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  24. Frank Discussion

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    Phoenix, AZ
    Just a bunch of college kids and they ended up at Woodstock. This picture is apparently from the Dick Cavett show.

  25. the pope ondine

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    ehhh I think they did alright.....and poor Quill gets no respect.... ill tell ya

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