Rhino to issue massive Woodstock 1969 box set - **SOLD OUT!!**

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by SM7609, May 8, 2019.

  1. mibrighton

    mibrighton Forum Resident

    Lincolnshire , UK.
    Email of Warners Ceo is steve.cooper@wmg.com he is the top man . I have mailed him details of our problem . Please do the same and just maybe he will do something. I would expect he can put pressure on eurostore , it's all wmg.
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  2. Carwhy

    Carwhy Active Member

    Koeln, Germany
    thanks. email just sent to him...
  3. sjaca

    sjaca Forum Resident

    Toronto ON, Canada
    Yes, sadly this is correct. Canada also without any boxes.

    What a farce!
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  4. Dondy

    Dondy Forumaniac

    That what I wrote to that CEO:

    RE: Your Woodstock 38 CD box - my order 414300000008155

    Dear Mr. Cooper,

    sorry to bother you with my issue.
    You may know that the orig. EU release date for your Big Box was Aug. 2 which was pushed back to Aug. 9.

    I - and as I meanwhile learned, seemingly no EU customer - has received or will receive their boxes for the time being.
    According to your customer service, the accompanying posters obviously arrived damaged and your UK branch are awaiting another shipment.

    However, the 50th Woodstock anniversary is next weekend and will come & go without any of us being able to celebrate that with our 700+ Euros set - plus, none of us has the slightest idea when we will get our pricey at all.

    Furthermore, your customer service over here told me that they couldn't ship the set now and the posters when they arrive, as I suggested. Now, THAT is something I can definitely NOT understand. It sure would mean some extra handling and shipping costs but I'd imagine that would be just fair towards those customers who trusted your company when they ordered.

    Say, couldn't you please tell your UK branch to ship the boxes now and send the posters separately?
    If necessary, I'd even do without the posters at all - would that help?

    Thank you very much in advance for your support.

    Best regards,
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  5. Wayne Hubbard

    Wayne Hubbard Forum Resident

    As someone that has worked in logistics dealing with orders worldwide. I can understand that problems can arrive from all angles.

    I can guarantee that Rhino/Warner or whoever you have ordered your sets from is aware of the issues. They are aware of the complaints and bashing they are getting. Hello, Rhino employees reading this thread.

    They have probably had "intense" internal emails and meetings trying to figure out what is going on. People from all departments from sales, warehousing and even the producers of the set.

    The problem I see is the total lack of communication on the consumer side. Within a week of an issue showing itself, there should be a "company line" created that would be distributed to all departments for them to speak verbatim.

    This is the issue.
    This is how it will affect you.
    This is our response.
    The end (until further notice)

    I know some of the problems are localized and unique like going through customs and missing tax code info or parts of the order they need to estimate VAT.

    This is something the companies are also aware of. Whenever you send shipments across borders, you have to provide contact info in case there are issues. The shipper will get notifications about any problems before the recipient.

    The one excuse I am not buying is the moving of warehouses.

    That move would be scheduled around making sure shipments wouldn't be affected. Unless, the people involved are, pardon my desecration of the Warehouse manager, terrible at their job. There are shutdown dates where shipments could be affected. We are talking 1-5 days. 2 days of that would be moving product over a weekend when the warehouse may be closed normally.

    We are seeing people going 7+ days affected by a warehouse move and I don't buy it. Unless, the move was done by people inept at the process.

    Anybody that ordered a product in May or June should not be affected by a warehouse move going on in August.

    Again, the issue is the terrible customer service people seem to be getting. 3 days should be the longest you should be waiting for answers to the questions about where is the product that you have paid for (in good faith)

    For those of you that paid for the set and were charged after it was sold out. I can go on a long tangent about how that can happen. The majority of it would be about the laziness of the people whose job it is to make sure that doesn't happen.

    All I can say is be very vigilant about getting your money back. The squeaky wheel gets the grease. The more you make yourself a headache to the company, the more they want to get rid of you and your problems.

    That is really my advice to all that are having difficulties with this release. This is a big money release. I have seen customers bitch about half the cost. They have been treated more fairly than some of the people in this thread.

    Even a 20 dollar customer with a complaint is a hassle. If they continue to complain. Pressure busts pipes.

    My 2 cents. I know some people are not comfortable with confrontation. Some times that is what you have to do to see results.

    If I was the leader of the Woodstock Big Box Set Union, I would be suggesting mass chargebacks. Look how fast these companies would react to that.
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  6. Buggsy

    Buggsy Forum Resident

    Lahr, Germany
    here's my mail to mr. cooper:

    dear mr. cooper,

    as the ceo of wmg you should be aware of the current unbearable situation concerning the european orders of the 38-cd "woodstock" box set. the affected persons who correspond in the relevant internet forums agree that by now there should be a good measure of discernment and goodwill on behalf of the eurostore to not let the customers wait any longer for their most-anticipated box set and to arrange for immediate shipment of the items.

    the fact that the poster set in question had to be returned to the u.s. is for most (if not all) of us pretty neglectable, so that we would prefer shipping them out seperately at a later date (christmas, maybe?! a bitter joke - sorry). they are seen as some sort of bonus anyway, as the box as such is the object of our desire. the initial release date should've been chosen to provide us with the box to enjoy in time for the actual 50th anniversary dates of the festival. now it looks like even those folks who didn't pay a penny for the cds will be able to listen to the contents via radio stations before we buyers can put the cds into our players! is that a way to treat high-price customers who paid a steep sum of money for this limited item?! and by the way - nobody can convince me to believe that rhino wasn't in the know in a timely manner about moving their warehouse! and anyway: all of this is not our fault - it lies in the responsibility of rhino and warner . . . but we, the customers, are the ones who have to suffer the effects!

    so, to cut a long and most annoying story short: PLEASE arrange for shipping out the 38-cd box immediately and without any further ado - with forwarding those rather unimportant posters at a later date (at your own chosen speed)!

    waiting for my long-since paid box and your statement on this matter - with kind regards
  7. Dondy

    Dondy Forumaniac

    Wow - even better than my mail. Congrats, mate!
    Fingers tightly crossed, now!
    Woodstock ahoy!

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  8. Deek57

    Deek57 Forum Resident

    Posters ? Who is going to put them up anyway, not the Woodstock attendee generation (average age 70 ish) I would guess. Holding these boxes back for something many could not give a "sniff" about seems ridiculous.
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  9. Buggsy

    Buggsy Forum Resident

    Lahr, Germany
    . . . thanks, dondy - but i'll keep on taking the whole affair with rather two pinches of salt. we can only do so much, but in the end we have to hope for that bit of goodwill on wmg's part. thus you're right: fingers tightly crossed!
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  10. Buggsy

    Buggsy Forum Resident

    Lahr, Germany
    hear, hear! (have you heard, mr. cooper?!)
  11. richierichie

    richierichie My glass is always full.

    I have emailed Warner Europe 3 times since Friday. I have one reply telling me nothing.

    I have also just emailed Steve Cooper in the States explaining the issues, of which he is no doubt aware.

    The bottom line I explained was we are all human and if someone has made a cock-up Rhino/Warner should come clean. Explain what has happened and give everyone who have still to receive there orders an estimated latest date of delivery.

    Right, important business: Sha Na Na, I feckin` love their Woodstock set (the songs I`ve heard that is). When my big box arrives the stuff I`m most interesting in listening to are Sha Na Na, Sweatwater, Quill, Keef Hartley and Bert Sommer. I`m a huge fan of The Who, C,S,N&Y, The Dead and most others who performed but it`s those lesser known acts who I`m looking forward to. However I will be listening to the lot in the correct order.

    Are there any albums from Sha Na Na that are still available that best represent their Woodstock show.

    Peace and Love to all, including Warners, Rhino and Steve Cooper!
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  12. Bradd

    Bradd Forum Resident

    Chester, NJ
    I assume this is the poster and that it only comes with the large box.

  13. jay.dee

    jay.dee Forum Resident

    Barcelona, Spain
    I have just got a response from the Warner UK:
    This means that they're already on top of this mess, pulling the staff from the holidays, asking for reinforcements from the US, making frantic calls via emergency lines, browsing the Internet to figure out what the deal is with this Woodstock festival... ;)
  14. Dondy

    Dondy Forumaniac

    Oh wow - something REALLY new and worth the wait (sarcasm machine off). :mad:

  15. Dondy

    Dondy Forumaniac

    Yeah, sure - and the earth is a disc! :rolleyes::D
  16. Bradd

    Bradd Forum Resident

    Chester, NJ
    I was actually being serious as I never checked out the 38cd box. Just received the 10cd one.
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  17. The Panda

    The Panda Forum Mutant

    Marple, PA, USA
    I guess it's still in print, but the only way to get the first album (and the original lineup) was a two fer:

    IMO, their best studio lp was Hot Sox, produced by Bob Ezrin (!!). The originals were dumb, but they really did the covers straight and played them well. (Maybe to impress Bob?). Their guitarist Vinnie Taylor, OD'd a year or so after that, IIRC.
  18. Dondy

    Dondy Forumaniac

    My comment was not aimed at you, mate but at the poster/Warner/Rhino! Thanks a lot for your info and input. :)
  19. dormouse

    dormouse Forum Resident

    I think Dana had her chance along with all of the other recipients. CEOs usually have very tight turnarounds for responses. Should be hours rather than weeks. At work at the moment but if no concrete information when I get home I will join in. The main problem is a lack of customer liaison and an inconsistency of approach. The various excuses no longer sound believable. Moving warehouse, damaged posters and customs issues. One or possibly two but there are really too many excuses and not enough action or even up-to-date information. It is more than 2 weeks since I heard anything and the new deadline of 9th Sept has come and gone with no change or update. Not good.
  20. mibrighton

    mibrighton Forum Resident

    Lincolnshire , UK.
    Ha , that's exactly the same reply I got yesterday . I since mailed them back reiterating that it cost over £600 and has been paid for 3 months ago. Keep the pressure on them !
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  21. Dondy

    Dondy Forumaniac

    The whole mess just reminds of the trouble we had in May with trying to shift our US orders to their UK site, eh?
    My, the whole (insert four letter-word) makes Rhino/Warner look like retail rookies. :laugh:
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  22. NUNZI

    NUNZI Forum Resident

    I have purchased a ton of Rhino "stuff" and there has been the rare need for assistance. Dr. Rhino may not respond quickly but in the end, he always come thru.
  23. steve gilmour

    steve gilmour Forum Resident

    So has anyone been told how long the posters will take to arrive to the UK so our sets can be sent??
  24. dormouse

    dormouse Forum Resident

    Yes. I was reasonably happy with the eventual outcome of the US/UK issue but sadly since then it has not been a happy time. I have been fairly relaxed about this up to now but I do think that somebody should have got a grip by now in view of the imminent, and to some important, anniversary date that there should be communication with a resolution rather than a case of we are now looking into the matter. That is not action but delaying a response.
  25. John Fell

    John Fell Forum Survivor

    I think the some of the people processing the orders took the brown acid. o_O:help:
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