Rhino to issue massive Woodstock 1969 box set - **SOLD OUT!!**

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by SM7609, May 8, 2019.

  1. Correct. Mastering is terrific. It’s the physical condition - scratched and/or defective media that we’re discussing.
  2. tmoore

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    Olney, MD
    Two thoughts come to mind while reading the last week's posts:

    I too have been to the site (but in 1993-1998 timeframe).
    The picture on the previous page makes me realize how far the crowd extended to the east of the stage (which would be the top of the picture), When I was there for a concert in 1998, the crowd was restricted to the area to the front of the stage -- in other words, just east of Hurd Road, which is the road running left to right near the bottom of the picture -- so the 1998 crowd was in (restricted to) the bottom center of the picture.
    For all these years, I had a hard time visualizing how 400,000 (give or take) could assemble in the place where we were restricted to in 1998. The picture makes that --- a lot more clear.

    It has been my thought that resell prices would peak around the time of the anniversary and in the weeks thereafter. Now that we are a month out from the anniversary, with the anniversary fading into the past, I'd expect not as many people to be thinking about it, and therefore fewer bids would be being made etc. Not sure exactly how it's playing out, though.
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  3. Joel Cairo

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    Not really... there was a massive amount of bidding irregularities in that particular transaction, and I think a lot of serious bidders just stayed away.

    The general sales track has stayed pretty firmly between $2,800.00 - $3,000.00.

    Of note, there's only one box available on eBay right now-- the guy whose box has been listed at $5,000.00 for the last month or so.

    - Kevin
  4. Bradd

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    Chester, NJ
    What irregularities?
  5. Joel Cairo

    Joel Cairo Video Gort Staff

    Portland, Oregon
    There were a notable number of zero-feedback bidders, coupled with a surprising amount of withdrawn bids..

    - Kevin
  6. tmoore

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    Olney, MD
    The only way that seller gets $5000 for it is if it's bought by someone who hasn't been paying attention to the earlier sell price points, or someone for whom $5000 is nothing (but I know a few people like that, so it's not all that crazy) -- or very possibly someone who fits both characteristics. And, I presume the seller is selling an excess box and trying to recover that cost (plus several times over).
    I'm curious --- is there a "buy it now" option or is there just a bidding timeframe without a "buy it now" option? (I'm just curious, I'm not at a stage of my life for which $5000 is nothing)
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  7. Joel Cairo

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    Portland, Oregon
    It's set for a $5,000.00 "Buy It Now"...

    - Kevin
  8. Buggsy

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    no auction - just "buy it now" and "best offer".
    and there are 3 more sets offered on discogs - between $2900 and $3999.98 . . . set sale with NO best offer.
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  9. jamesmaya

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    I could see someone paying $5k for a “1969”-numbered box. Otherwise....
  10. J_D__

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    Who are the people paying $2-3K for this set? I'm single with a decent income but, would never pay this price.
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  11. Anthrax

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    This post makes me happy. :pleased:
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  12. Dondy

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    Well, mine is no. 1967... :D
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  13. Bradd

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    I was away this weekend so I couldn't fully see the bidding history but there were no irregularities. You had a few bidders with no feedback have their bids cancelled by the seller and one bid retraction. A bit out of the ordinary but nothing irregular. This set just didn't sell for a lot. Whether it's indicative of a trend is hard to predict.
  14. Cryptical17

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    New EBay activity....Looks like someone is selling individual sets on CD. For $59.99 -69.99 each. From Bonney lake, Washington.

    Over the last few days I saw them selling Canned Heat, Santana, Joe Cocker, Grateful Dead, The Who. And more.
  15. Bradd

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    I had my first ever post deleted because I posted a link to the auction, which apparently is a bootleg. Mea culpa! When @Cryptical17 made his post above, I thought someone was selling individual CDs to the numbered set, which would have not surprised me.
  16. marcb

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    Money Launderers?
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  17. Galley

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    The festival field was designated as a historical site several years ago. Pretty much everywhere you see people in that photo is part of the Bethel Woods site. Places like the Hog Farm and the ponds are located on private property, however.
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  18. Saw two for sale at Amoeba in San Francisco.
  19. adam_777

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    so listening to some of the announcements it seems Woodstock had intended to make use of an Eidophor screen during the festival? They mention it and how they were planning to broadcast closeup images so people at the back could see. Is there more information on this? How was in intended to be used? Why did it fail or get abandoned? I'm assuming this would have required a crew different to Wadleighs film crew to operate the cameras for this feed, If so where were the cameras set up?

    Would this have been the first instance of an Eidophor screen being used in pop music? I know later on in the 70's bands like Led Zeppelin were utilizing them for stadium shows, but in 1969 I can't think off the top of my head if any were being used, possibly the Stones in Oakland, I've heard mention of there being screens. Still Woodstock would have been before that Stones show.
  20. Jaco944

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  21. Tribute

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    Wasn't the field mostly covered in cow manure in 1967? You shoulda got a discount.
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  22. joelee

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    Has anyone heard anything on replacement discs lately?
    I haven't heard anything in over 3 weeks.

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  23. markmck79

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    Not a word
  24. silvertrees

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    How much are they going for?
  25. Quadboy

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    I recently watched another 2019 doc (different to the PBS doc) on UK Sky Arts channel and it contained a lot of video tape footage (colour and B&W in 4.3) that doesn't seem to be from the Wadleigh film crew.
    The B&W seems to be similar to the Who B&W stage shot footage ......so I assume other people were on site with the Portapak video system.
    The doc (entitled 'the festival that rocked the world') even contained a colour clip of The Who singing See Me Feel Me shot from about 50 yards out in the field.
    Lots of other Super8 shot private footage also.

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