Rhino to issue massive Woodstock 1969 box set - **SOLD OUT!!**

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  1. "Aesthetic reasons." These aren't bad performances at all. They're not the best, but at least they add to the overall picture of Hendrix was trying to do that summer.

    Moreover, that the creators of this set are trying to make a comprehensive box of the whole thing, yet EH are the only holdouts? That's sad. They'll change Hendrix's face to look like Andre 3000, but they won't let Larry Lee sing.

    That's not only sad, but also borderline criminal.

    This should be a set of every available recording, but no, Experience Hendrix LLC ruined it.
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    For the content, and the fact that this will no doubt be limited, 800 bucks doesn’t seem that out of line for the intended audience..(..devoted collectors with deeper pockets... )
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    Vinyl Me Please is releasing a 10 LP set:


    Color and design is a close representation of the final piece and each one will be unique. This box set combines four albums — Woodstocks 1-4 — into a 10 LP set. Featuring performances by a who's who of those who performed at Woodstock — from Jimi Hendrix and the Who to CSNY and Janis Joplin — this box presents a complete picture of the mud and iconic festival that Woodstock was and would become. Back in print for the first time since 2009, these remastered albums have too many insane moments to recount here, just know that the first set ends with Jimi Hendrix's Star Spangled Banner, still the single most iconic performance of the U.S. national anthem. Artist list includes: Arlo Guthrie, Audience During Sunday Rainstorm, Bert Sommer, Blood, Sweat & Tears, Canned Heat, Country Joe & The Fish, Country Joe McDonald, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, Incredible String Band, Janis Joplin, Jefferson Airplane, Jimi Hendrix, Joan Baez, Joe Cocker, John Sebastian, Johnny Winter, Melanie, Mountain, Paul Butterfield Blues Band, Ravi Shankar, Richie Havens, Santana, Sha-Na-Na, Sly & The Family Stone, Sweetwater, Ten Years After, and The Who.

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    Wonder if the tracks will be all new remixed or partly leftover mixed material from the 2009 campaign. Or both...
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  6. I can't find anything about digital releases. Had anybody else? I'd like to just Qobuz The Who but $800.00? Yikes!
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    My guess is that they are the 2009 mixes by Brian Kehew and Eddie Kramer.
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    These mixes sound great!
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  9. The "potential audience" probably still own 8-Track players!
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  10. Curious how these LPs will sound as that 40th anniversary LP Set reissue sounded bad. Really muffled.
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    There are 2 Incredible String Band songs missing from that tracklist though. I've read some blurb about 2 missing Hendrix songs and 1 Sha Na Na song. So missing ISB as well? Typical!
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    I'm really, really sick and tired of waiting to hear the Who's performance from the multitracks. The released content is absolutely spine-tingling. I sounds like the Norse gods fighting in the sky.

    I don't care about anything from this show at this point. The Sly RSD vinyl was awesome though.
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    Tracklist is for the 10 disc abbreviated set.
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  14. What tracklist?
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    No, they WON'T! This set precludes that. After this set is released, every previously unreleased note included on it is protected for several decades going forward. Only the Woodstock tracks NOT released by the end of this year will enter the public domain (in Europe).

    This data dump/copyright protection release makes it so the artists DON'T need to release their sets individually this year. This box protects their (band/record company) copyright so that they can still release their individual sets any time they want AFTER this year. This release is exactly why many/most probably won't release their individual sets this year.

    Of course some will do their own individual releases, if they want to take advantage of the "Woodstock 50" hype and if they even want them to have a mainstream release (some sets may never get an individual release - at least in the artist's lifetime) due to their own dissatisfaction with their performances.

    After this set is released, the only things "legal" to release unauthorised in Europe after this year will be the tiny handful of still unreleased tracks such as the Larry Lee tracks, the Sha Na Na "tape change" track - and whatever else isn't included on this box (or previous Woodstock releases) like between sets stage announcements, audience noise, etc...
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    It would be nice if more folks here understood real-life revenue derived from archival sets. You've done a real service here. Cash grab? Hardly. Will some old rockers get some income with this release? Hell yea. I've seen some damn silly complaints too. Like the set is $600. overpriced!! Really? so, let's see 38 CDs for $200? Hmm, a nifty $5.25 or so per disc? Now THAT will be the bills!! So folks think restoration and engineering work, artwork and ALL that is free? This coming from "fans" who'll gladly shell out hundreds for used DCC discs... or pay $50 for a shi**y sounding boot to hear an unreleased performance. Lame. Ron
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    Have to pass on this one, I still have current Blu-Ray's w/ extras that I still have not watched.
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  18. You outlined it all perfectly.
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    The point the article made was some artists finally approved the material for this set so it would not go into the public domain in Europe after this year. Sorry if it was unclear from my earlier posts. However, as you mentioned individual artists might want to release sets to coincide with the anniversary to maximize profit from the anniversary. My guess is the complete sets by some of the artists will be pirated anyway in Europe or Japan.
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    I think it is a direct insult to the memory of Larry Lee, everyone else who played, sang, talked or farted on stage at Woodstock will be on here, but they could not let him finally have his spot this one time, he had to be the only person removed "for aesthetic reasons", shameful!
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    Agreed, considering the amount of crap EH has officially released.
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    Thanks for the clarification on that aspect. Something to consider.

    Despite what I enjoy of the mono soundboard source and also the stereo mixes and masterings of the few officially released tracks, I'd like to hear the entire Who set mixed to stereo from the multi-tracks but I guess this limited edition big box will be the only way to do that as P&R may not feel compelled to have their set released separately as a Who concert release. Time will tell I guess but it won't be in terms of copyright then?
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    Ah yeah I somehow missed it was referring to the 10 cd set. Thinking about it, it did look quite short for a 38 disc tracklist!
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    That VMP Set looks great!
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