Rhino to issue massive Woodstock 1969 box set - **SOLD OUT!!**

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by SM7609, May 8, 2019.

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    What browser did you use? I can't get it to work for me with either Firefox or Internet Explorer.
  2. multi.flacs.project

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    Only interested in a complete Bert Sommer & CSNY set tbh.

    This smells like copyright protection all over. It is made prohibitively expensive on purpose. It does not matter how much it boils down to per CD - the price of the whole set is ridiculous if you're interested in anything less than every single artist from the roster. And that's exactly the point, it seems. I do hope they make the individual sets available as digital downloads at some point...
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  3. Zapruder

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    Anyone else think it's weird that there's no Hendrix on the 5lp edition?
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  4. nortoni

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    Exactly. A ridiculous price.
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  5. andrewskyDE

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    An idea would be nugs.net. They could release full shows of the individual artists from every Woodstock festival there in any kind of format (CDs, LPs, FLAC, DSD etc).
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  6. 99thfloor

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    I don't think anything EH has released is "crap", but that is besides the point. This is supposed to document the complete Woodstock festival and these two songs are the only ones out of all three days performances actively removed. Why? Hendrix had him in his band and wanted him to sing those songs, why should he be the only one not on here, what an incredible arrogance!

    What is the problem with this?: Jimi Hendrix & Larry Lee - Gypsy Woman/Aware Of Love (Woodstock)
    Nothing wrong with Larry's vocals, just sub-label them as being sung by him. There's some beautiful rhythm playing by Jimi.

    No Hendrix on the 3-CD either.

    Edit: Actually I notice they're the same.
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  8. rockclassics

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    I'm hoping for standalone individual releases by the different groups. I'm not interested in buying the complete set since I would probably not listen to much of it on a regular basis. But I would buy individual releases from some groups - like I did previously with Santana and Jefferson Airplane and Hendrix.
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  9. rockclassics

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    Guaranteed this will show up on various torrent sites at some point.
  10. KarlFarbman

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    So the Blu Ray is the same Directors Cut video released on the 40th anniversary set (which I already have)? No further video?
    I'm far more interested in further video of groups not shown in previous video releases than 38 CDs of many bands which I won't listen to much. CSNY's full set interests me, but I don't need audio which is that comprehensive.

    So other than the price being obscene, it's disappointing that its not going to include more on the video side.
  11. ianuaditis

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    Grateful Dead's Europe 72 box (73 discs) sold out 7200 copies @ $450 each in less than four days.

    While I think it's a set that's well worth it, compared to Woodstock it had a much more limited appeal.
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  12. B. Bu Po

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    They should charge $196.90.
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  13. We're lucky it wasn't $1969.00
  14. Crawlin From The Wreckage

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    Limited Edition? From Rhino? No way I'm biting on that one again. I've been fooled enough times to know better.

    Limited edition Crazy Horse? Bought it at a premium price. Set was sold a year later under price through Wounded Bird. Limited edition Cactus? Bought the sets at a premium price. All three sets where sold a year later under price through Wounded Bird. Limited edition Nicolette Larson? Bought it at a premium price. Disc was sold a year later under price by Wounded Bird. There were more, for instance the Guadalcanal Diary set. And yep, you guessed it.

    Even if this set is not ever released by a third party, Rhino can take their "limited editions" and place them ever so gently where the sun never shines. :)
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  15. Guitarded

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    >>Anyone else think it's weird that there's no Hendrix on the 5lp edition?<<

    My guess would be that the Hendrix Family has something in the pipe for 50th Woodstock.
  16. Pennywise

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    They are. Brian posted it on his FB page.
  17. Doctor Flang

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    Helsinki, Finland
    It would be unrealistic to think that this kind of multi-artist box set could be released for $200, that's true. But $800 is still quite a lot. And in my case, sadly, it's way over my budget. If i had enough money, i would buy it.
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  18. dasacco

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  19. glide

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    Hoping they release the Grateful Dead set for RSD Black Friday :)
  20. PhilBorder

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    Finally! "Bring Jerry's nitroglycerin pills to the Indian Pavilion – Chip Monck" in better sound! Hope it's in stereo with a well balanced staging!
  21. Glass Candy

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    The point is that they are not being included for "quality" reasons, when EH have released barely listenable audio officially. Why would they care now? Control issues.
    The estate has only allowed clones of previous releases of the set for a decade now. On the 40th box, only the original album edit/mix of Banner/Haze/Junction was allowed for inclusion. On the recent RSD LP release, the mono folddown of that same edit was allowed. And now, this box will contain clones of the EH Woodstock set which will contain the same edits, not just the Lee tracks but minutes of chat and atmosphere edited out as well.
    And nothing new allowed for any other new set, the 5 LP/3 CD. Lame.
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  22. ianuaditis

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    I would bet not, my money is on something for the 50th anniversary of Live/Dead.

    The GD set at Woodstock was better than its reputation, but also severely marred by technical issues (that also affected the performance.)
  23. fast'n'bulbous

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    I just did a quick review of the 10 CD set. 123 tracks, 32 never released before, and nearly a third of the unreleased are by Richie Havens (5) and The Band (4).

    For "released" I included relatively obscure releases like Woodstock Diary and The Lost Performances, and all the Woodstock Experience CDs of course.

    FYI, I count 317 songs performed at the festival (medleys make the count a little fuzzy) so the 10 CD set is about a third of the total. 137 of those songs are unreleased as of today.
  24. KarlFarbman

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    Is there a price quoted for the 10 CD set and is that a limited set? I wouldn't be shocked if THAT was priced at $200.
  25. jazon

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    Vinyl Me Please is releasing a 10 colored LP set for 280.

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