Richer Sounds UK - Really Nice Guy!

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by F.U.B.B, May 14, 2019.

  1. F.U.B.B

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    Swindon England
    Julian set up Richer Sounds many decades ago here in the U.K ok on basis off buying discontinued Hi-Fi kit from the major companies and selling it on through his high street shops. The first in our country to do but so much more importantly he did it with keen prices whilst giving his employees decent wages and so many incentives. Bowing out today as post 60 but still doing his bit for employees, with some mega bucks coming their way! Not sure US or elsewhere in the World have anyone similar as Mr Richer. Nice story for me and a very decent bloke. Richer Sounds a mega company on our U.K. high street and long may it continue in whatever form.
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  2. detroit muscle

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  3. stepeanut

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    Class act. Generous gesture.
  4. Frank Field

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  5. uncarvedbloke

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    My favourite shop when they used to give away mini discs with magazine vouchers :)
  6. coffeetime

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    Lancs, UK
    Only recently bought a new AV Receiver from them in-store. Fantastic in-store guys, incredibly helpful and accommodating. Glad to hear they're in for a nice consideration for their trouble and service. And yes, a tip of the hat to Mr Richer.
  7. Curiosity

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    United Kingdom
    They know what they are about and do it very well having used them a number of times. Their extended guarantees are not the rip offs certain other establishments are being widely praised by consumer rights organizations.
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  8. F.U.B.B

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    Swindon England
    To set up a such a bold business model based on customer service, value for money and looking after ones employees deserves total commendation. Fact he was one of the first to realise there was a market in the mega corps binning old gear and buying it and selling it on was great foresight . Amazingly though and this is the big one Richer never allowed for the greed to get in way of his business and his workers.
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  9. hodgo

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    East Yorkshire
    He is also a very nice man in person.

    Quite a few years ago I worked at his home a couple of times and each time he was a pleasure to talk to.
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  10. Phil Tate

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    South Shields
    That's a great story, I love Richer Sounds. Used to visit a lot when I was at university. They used to sell That's tapes for ridiculously low prices - like about 89p for an MR-X Pro 60. Still one of the best tapes I've ever used, but I don't think I ever used a That's tape that was less than excellent. I don't think I ever saw them in any other shop.
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  11. enfield

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    Essex UK
    Keeping the best deals 'In Store' is a clever move and kept the continued high street presence viable.Also having very close relationships with half a dozen manufactures is good business.Sports Direct have a similar policy. Although Sports Direct completely buy out recongnised (but fading) brand names and then make manufacture their own products under those brand names.Not sure if Richer Sounds do that with the likes of Gale.Or just maintain exclusive selling rights??
  12. FangfossFlyer

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    York, U.K.
    Well done and respect to Julian Richer.

    If you are interested in his business model and views then his book The Ethical Capitalist is worth a read.

    If you like Jazz funk then check out Ten Millennia for which he is the drummer and his wife, Rosie, the singer.

    I have met Julian a few times, as he lives near to us, he is a real nice honest and down to earth guy.

  13. OobuJoobu

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    Leeds, UK
    I met him a couple of years ago, waiting for Richer Sounds in Leeds to open on Boxing Day for the sales, he was at the front of the queue handing out free cups of tea to those of us freezing waiting to get in! Nice guy.
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  14. David Austin

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    West Sussex
    That's a really encouraging story about Julian Richer. I also have to say that Richer Sounds is an excellent chain. I've always found the staff incredibly helpful - especially at the Brighton store. Last year they actually let me try out three different TVs at home until I settled on the one I was happy with (yes, I was that nightmare customer who kept grumbling about the 'black level'). Also, my turntable and speakers both came from Richer Sounds (different branches) - and probably a few other things I've forgotten.
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  15. brownsound2112

    brownsound2112 Forum Resident

    Incredible gesture in this day and age. Total respect for him.
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  16. Mr-Beagle

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    Why can't all businesses be like Richer Sounds? Virgin take note.
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  17. gedsmit

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    Great shop - my music gear and TVs have all come from the Cambridge branch - nice bunch of chaps in there. Will be returning again when my CD player needs replacing!
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  18. JP Christian

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    Richer Sounds was my stepping stone into my first hi-fi upgrades - I regularly bought from the Bristol shop and being a lowly apprentice at the time, the funds weren't too cool so it was great to be able to get decent hi-fi separates without breaking the bank!
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  19. JP Christian

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    Trying getting a MRX-pro tape for 89p now! Vintage Chrome and Metal tapes going for silly money on ebay...

    That's MR X90 PRO - Blank Metal Audio Cassette Tape - New and sealed 4906915001162 | eBay
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  20. Phil Tate

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    South Shields
    Yep, I think if someone was just getting into hifi and was looking to buy their first system, RS is where I'd suggest they go first.

    It's insane - I recently sold about 12 sealed metal tapes for a total of around £200! Even used metal tapes can sell for around a fiver each!
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