Ringo: 'Let's remix the White Album'

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Clark V Kauffman, Sep 1, 2017.

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  1. Clark V Kauffman

    Clark V Kauffman Forum Resident Thread Starter

    Des Moines, Iowa
    The Los Angeles Times reports that Ringo is (and this not a big surprise) would like to see the White Album and Abbey Road remixed in the same way Sgt. Pepper was.

    “I’d like to do the White Album,” Starr said recently, referring to the 1968 double album officially titled “The Beatles.” “I think Giles should redo that. I don’t know why not. And ‘Abbey Road.’

    I absolutely love the new Sgt. Pepper mix, and I think Ringo is correct that a new stereo mix of the White Album could be a lot of fun. Not so sure about Abbey Road ... but why not, as long as the original mixes remain in print, as with Sgt. Pepper? These remix projects also give us an opportunity to hear more out-takes and alternate takes we'd otherwise never get to hear.

    Giles Martin has said all along that the decision as to whether other remixes should be attempted is made by Ringo, Paul and the two widows. And I have to think that given how well the Sgt. Pepper remix has been received, and given Ringo's enthusiasm for the idea, we're very, very likely to see the White Album, at least, given this same treatment.

    Now that 'Sgt. Pepper' has been remixed and reissued, Ringo Starr shares his wish list
  2. blutiga

    blutiga Forum Resident

    Great. I heard Sean Lennon say on internet radio the other day that the White Album was his dads favourite Beatle album. Whether that would mean he would support a remix is another thing I suppose.
  3. I'm all for it. I'd like to hear a fleshed out version of it as a companion to the wonky one we've known and loved for decades. I don't know what could be done with "Abbey Road", I have been thinking about that for a while. It's pretty much a perfect example of as perfect as you can get mix and master wise. Maybe a MONO remix, but unless it's Hi-Res or 5.1, I can't see how it can be fleshed out for the better. Maybe deconstructing it would work, but that goes against making it better with today's technology. We will see...

    SKATTERBRANE Forum Resident

    Tucson, AZ
    Rubber Soul is the one that most needs a remix. I am all in for Revolver too. My problem would be added compression like there is on Sgt Pepper.
  5. dewey02

    dewey02 Forum Resident

    The mid-South.
    I finally can agree with Ringo on something...remixing the White Album.
    Not so sure I'm all in on Giles Martin doing the remix, especially if there is to be a 5.1 mix, as Giles doesn't seem to have a good feel for what a surround mix for their studio albums should be. Sure they are OK, but I just feel they could more adventurous.

    I'm thinking that remixes of both WA and AR will happen, given the financial success of SPLHCB.
    But what really needs to be re-done with a deluxe package is Let It Be: Film, album, outtakes (video and audio). Yes, we got the ill-fated LIB-N, but that was poorly done and the Fly on the Wall was just a teaser of what else remains unreleased.
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  6. Thievius

    Thievius Blue Oyster Cult-ist

    Syracuse, NY
    I love how coy everyone in The Beatles camp always is about this stuff. "Will it happen? Ooh I don't know. Stay tuned!"

    Gimme a break. Here, I'll make it official for everyone. The White Album remix is going to happen. There's money to be had. It is happening. I guarantee it.
  7. MoonPool

    MoonPool Forum Resident

    I still think of these stereo remixes the way Steven Wilson presented his argument for them on his work with Yes, King Crimson, Jethro Tull, XTC, et. al. The idea is to create a 5.1 mix. As a step in the process towards that end, he creates a new stereo mix, then develops the 5.1 from there. The fact that some of the stereo mixes result in a better listening experience than the original ones is a secondary benefit. Of course, he provides a straight copy of the original mix in hi-rez in the package, too.

    That said, I'd enjoy a White Album remix and 5.1 package with outtakes, and like many others, would love to see the Esher demos and any other intriguing outtakes from the studio sessions along with a stereo remix. With Abbey Road, I'd be fine with that, but would be mostly interested in the 5.1 and outtakes. I'd love to see Revolver and Rubber Soul deluxe editions as well.
  8. Brother Maynard

    Brother Maynard Forum Resident

    Dallas, TX
    What's more important to fans: remixes of the actual albums, or the outtakes/alternate versions that come with them? Should this be a poll question?
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  9. Jimmy B.

    Jimmy B. Music fan and film lover.

    Yeah why not have a remix. who cares.
  10. nosticker

    nosticker Forum Guy

    Ringwood, NJ
    Remix? What the heck is Giles going to do with Revolution 9?

    I guess I don't have any real issue with most of the mixes on the White Album, but I would like to hear:
    1. Ringo's original drum track for USSR. I believe there was one, unless it was wiped in favor of....whatever the other guys did. Oy.
    2. Happiness Is A Warm Gun mixed more like the mono version. The drum sound has no balls.
    3. Blackbird with the bird effects timed like the mono mix, where the chirping is a "call and response" to Paul's vocal. It doesn't do that on the stereo.

  11. WildHoneyPie9

    WildHoneyPie9 Forum Resident

    I'm all for it. The white album is their best and most timeless album.
  12. Eobard Thawne

    Eobard Thawne Forum Resident


    I could be wrong, but I thought Lennon hated the white album (though I see him liking it), depends on his mood I guess. I'll
    have to re-listen to anthology bootleg podcast again. And Lennon generally hating any Beatles album after 1966.

    I know according to Butch Vig, Kurt Cobain thought the white album was the greatest album in the world during a mushroom trip.
  13. Thievius

    Thievius Blue Oyster Cult-ist

    Syracuse, NY
    Interesting question but in the end probably not that important. If there's a Beatles release in 2017 with music presented in a new way, or at the very least something no ones heard before, people will come.
  14. WildHoneyPie9

    WildHoneyPie9 Forum Resident

    Cobain was a massive Beatles fan, and rightly so. He totally idolized John Lennon.
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  15. Vinyl Socks

    Vinyl Socks The Buzz Driver

    DuBois, PA
    Most of the mono mix is perfect, but I do agree in certain instances -- such as "While My Guitar Gently Weeps".
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  16. "Beatlemania" Lives!

    Let's make more $$$!!!
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  17. dkmonroe

    dkmonroe A completely self-taught idiot

    I hate to be negative, but this'll be - what - a 6-LP set, probably priced at +$100? Big deluxe box with blu-rays and DVD's and CD's and LP's and posters that can't fit in your garage for +$500? No thanks! :laugh:

    Oh yeah, 8 LP's if you include the mono mix. :eek:
  18. DrBeatle

    DrBeatle The Rock and Roll Chemist

    Midwest via Boston
    Do you like or dislike the MONO mix of that? I think it wipes the floor with the STEREO mix.
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  19. Vinyl Socks

    Vinyl Socks The Buzz Driver

    DuBois, PA
    I LOVE the mono mix, but...the original stereo mix has a nice balance to it.
    Technically, as a fan, I can live with either.
  20. slane

    slane Forum Resident

    Definitely the outtakes for me.
  21. I don't remember where I have read this, maybe the big 1970 Rolling Stone interview, but I seem to recall that he was proud at least of his own songs on it. Like it was a rebirth for him as a writer...
  22. segue

    segue Señor Member

    Those RINGO quotes are from months ago, lifted from another source. Not really news. Chances are good they are already into this project.

    I never tire of hearing out-takes!

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  23. chickendinna

    chickendinna Homegrown’s All Right With Me

    Re-mix them all ( other than Pepper's of course) In for a buck, in for a bundle. As long as the originals stay in print, who cares. Besides, the Beatles need more of my money.
  24. I was talking about a MONO mix of Abbey Road. Sorry
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  25. alexpop

    alexpop Power pop + other bad habits....

    My favorite as well.
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