RIP Beatles Photographer Robert Freeman

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Bill, Nov 8, 2019.

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    Robert Freeman, the photographer of the photos on the covers of Beatles albums from With the Beatles through Rubber Soul, and of many other iconic photographs of the group and its members, has passed away. His book, The Beatles: A Private View, is a terrific collection of his work.
    RIP, and thanks for all of the timeless images that you created. They will live forever.
  2. Rfreeman

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    As we share a name it made a big impression on me seeing his name on the albums I started getting when I was 6.

    Sad to hear of his departure
  3. andrewskyDE

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    Oh man... RIP Mr Freeman. He made amazing photos of the four boys!
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  4. A visual legend..RIP
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  5. I knew he was sick. Had met him several times over the years. He gave me a signed Lennon contact sheet ( of the In His Own Write series) and I own some of his other photographs and all his books.
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    I know other photos may be more iconic, but my favorite Beatles picture remains the one he shot for the cover of Beatles for Sale.

    It conveys some of their innocence, but there’s also a weariness to it, illustrating the toll the chaos had taken on them. It’s not early-period matching suits, and it’s well before the longer hair and mustaches and beards.

    It’s how I choose to remember them.

    RIP, sir.
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  7. Steve Hoffman

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    Paul McCartney on his passing:

    "Dear Robert Freeman has passed away. He was one of our favourite photographers during the Beatles years who came up with some of our most iconic album covers. Besides being a great professional he was imaginative and a true original thinker. People often think that the cover shot for Meet The Beatles of our foreheads in half shadow was a carefully arranged studio shot. In fact it was taken quite quickly by Robert in the corridor of a hotel we were staying in where natural light came from the windows at the end of the corridor. I think it took no more than half an hour to accomplish.

    Bob also took the Rubber Soul cover; his normal practice was to use a slide projector and project the photos he’d taken onto a piece of white cardboard which was exactly album sized, thus giving us an accurate idea of how the finished product would look. During his viewing session the card which had been propped up on a small table fell backwards giving the photograph a ‘stretched’ look. Instead of simply putting the card upright again we became excited at the idea of this new version of his photograph. He assured us that it was possible to print it this way and because the album was titled Rubber Soul we felt that the image fitted perfectly.

    I will miss this wonderful man but will always cherish the fond memories I have of him."

    Thanks Bob.

    Love, Paul

    BRODNATION The Future Never Dies because Tomorrow Never Knows

    Thank you mr freeman. Your work will be enjoyed by generations and you will go down in history as a legend. Thank you for everything, we will miss you

  9. coniferouspine

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    I'm sort of curious. Does anybody know how he ended up with the gig photographing the Beatles? Was he a Capitol guy? Did the band find and pick him? Did they meet him somewhere? Did he photograph anybody else of note? How did he land that job, doing so many of their covers? Just curious.
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  10. nedison

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    I met him in 2004 and he graciously signed my copy of the Beatles For Sale EP.

    I hope that whenever Revolver gets the deluxe treatment it deserves, they'll revisit his astounding unused cover design:
  11. majorlance

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    Robert Freeman (photographer) - Wikipedia

    RIP :tiphat:
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  12. 2141

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    I'm surprised they didn't use this. It's great!
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  13. supermd

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    Or a picture disc. :)
  14. saborlord123

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    R.I.P. Robert Freeman. Thanks you for the most iconic album covers of all time...
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  15. supermd

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    Is there a more iconic album cover? One of my all-time favorites. Thanks, Robert.
  16. SJB

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    The design was used on the cover of an aftermarket re-packaging of Revolver (similar to HMV's non-canon box sets), along with a book of Freeman's photos from the album sessions.
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  17. My mini tribute

  18. Arnold Grove

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    Very nice.
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    Rhetorical question, mi amigo.
  20. aussievinyl

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    RIP Robert.
    I have his book ‘ A Private View’ and enjoy it as a great addition to my Beatles book collection.
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  22. culabula

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    Nice tribute. He means "With The Beatles", of course.
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    Great tribute man. What an eye
  24. fishcane

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    Bravo once again.

    Rip mr freeman
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    He is correct either way isn’t he?
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