RIP Bleecker Bob

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  1. Larry Geller

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    Bayside, NY
    The one linked in the link on the first post.

    Just called my buddy who used to hang out there with me to tell him the news. He said "remember when he threw me out of the store?". I said "he threw us out all the time". Charlie said "but I was BUYING something ".:)
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  2. notesfrom

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    Yeah, Second Coming on Sullivan had great stuff in '87 particularly. Boot LPs and cassettes especially.

    Bob's had moved on to T-Shirts and smoking accessories being priorities. That's what the tourists and NYU kids were buying.

    I wonder what his lease situation was.
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  3. Wally Swift

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    The BB prices were flat out unreasonable too.
  4. popnytt

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    Bob was a really good guy, a funny, sweet & krusty oulde sole for certain. Ergo... RIP Bob, hope to touch bass at some point in the hopefully FAR distant future.
  5. sberger

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    I knew them both quite well in the early/mid 80's, having been a customer of both, then a salesman to both, then working for JD. During that time I don't remember them having much contact. Different approaches to their stores, and they were far enough apart geographically that they weren't really in competition. I actually liked Bob more, although he certainly had the side that everybody knew about him. But I never had a problem with him, and when he found out I was from Boston and a Red Sox fan we got along fine.
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  6. notesfrom

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  7. notesfrom

    notesfrom Forum Resident

    NC USA
    Was JD from Spain? Midnight kept siesta hours, that's for sure. It was closed more often than open. If was a rocker living in the Chelsea, you'd have all your needs taken care of, with the guitar shop downstairs and the record store across the way.

    All the hipper NYC stores ran into problems when they started manufacturing (makin' copies) their own line of CD-r'd non-official releases, though. It became a cottage industry, and the last frontier in brick 'n' mortar retail - the backroom duplicator devices. That led to the big busts.

    Never happened to Bob.
  8. sberger

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    We kept regular hours (12-7) when I worked there in the early 80's, although there were days when those of us who worked there had to wait for him or his wife to show up late to open. He didn't give a spare set of keys to anybody(he trusted no one) and he was a notorious night owl (so he slept late). Perhaps it was in later years after things started turning bad for him? I had a falling out with him after I left so never stayed in touch.

    And you're right about the bootlegs. JD hated paying prices that he thought were too high for them,so he started booting the bootleggers.
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  9. quicksrt

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    City of Angels
    He opened a store in LA on Melrose that lasted more than a decade. So I got a taste of the prices and the rude employees. He seemed to hire a ton of Brits at this location who knew their punk rock pretty well. They looked like Lemmy of Motorhead, but were more punk influenced.

    I snapped a few deals off their collector's wall, under priced because they knew their punk and new wave better than their classic rock. I saw Johnny Marr in the store buying a $275 Rolling Stones LP off the collector's wall.

    I have no warm fuzzy feelings over their rough 'n tumble style of customer service. But the deals I got for rare ones missed (way underpriced) by those metallic punks are still with me to this day.
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  10. sethICE

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    The documentary was very sad.
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