RIP Chuck Berry, 1926-2017

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by fourfeathers, Mar 18, 2017.

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  1. Chad75

    Chad75 Senior Member

    RIP Chuck
  2. TheLazenby

    TheLazenby Forum Resident In Memoriam

    AND Chubby Checker. :)

    I mean hey, we've got all but Chuck now! (Though Richard has bowed out of performing - his health began affecting his performances too much, so he willingly retired.)
  3. TheLazenby

    TheLazenby Forum Resident In Memoriam


    Little Richard in the 90's was on fire!
  4. Price.pittsburgh

    Price.pittsburgh Forum Resident

    Hail! Hail! Rock and Roll!
    God Bless The Brown Eyed Handsome Man
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  5. TeddyB

    TeddyB Senior Member

    Our Shakespeare.
  6. yesstiles

    yesstiles Senior Member

    Amazing that he lived so long.
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  7. kreen

    kreen Forum Resident

    When was this picture taken?
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  8. kreen

    kreen Forum Resident

    Is the new album still coming out?
  9. According to Pinterest on the internet (LOL) - 2012
  10. Chuck, you gave a great gift to mankind. RIP my jukebox hero.
  11. SammyJoe

    SammyJoe Up The Irons!

    RIP Chuck Berry.
    Thank you for the music you gave us.
  12. sathvyre

    sathvyre formerly known as ABBAmaniac

    RIP !!! You were so important for music history...!!!
  13. PaulKTF

    PaulKTF Senior Member

    I'm sure it is.
  14. Tim 2


    Alberta Canada
    Rest easy Chuck.
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  15. tommy-thewho

    tommy-thewho Senior Member

    detroit, mi
    RIP Chuck.

    Left behind a ton of great music.
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  16. zen

    zen Senior Member

    I have said often enough that the entire edifice that is rock’n’roll is held up by the twin pillars of Little Richard and Chuck Berry.
    Little Richard for his searing voice and superb band and Chuck for his scattershot lyrics and iconic guitar style. And most importantly, they wrote the songs.

    Naturally, I’m saddened by Chuck Berry’s passing. The world turns and heroes are gone. The first album I bought with the first money I earned was Chuck Berry’s first album.
    Every band on the planet has learned and played his songs. Immortal songs. Living music.

    ~ Roger Glover (Deep Purple)
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  17. elaterium

    elaterium Forum Resident

    Surprised Bill Graham of all people stood for that.
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  18. PsychGuy

    PsychGuy Forum Resident

    Just listening and I had to quote from my favorite song:

    " ... Drop the coin right into the slot
    You've gotta hear somethin' that's really hot
    With the one you love, you're makin' romance
    All day long you been wantin' to dance,
    Feeling the music from head to toe
    Round and round and round we go ... "
  19. mindgames

    mindgames Forum Resident

    Chuck Berry - Since Chuck’s passing on Saturday, the Berry... | Facebook

    "While our hearts are very heavy at this time, we know that Chuck had no greater wish than to see this album released to the world, and we know of no better way to celebrate and remember his 90 years of life than through his music.

    For months now plans have been in place, and preparations have been made with our friends at Dualtone Records, to reveal further details and music from the album this week. As a tribute to Chuck Berry, and with gratitude to his fans around the world, we will be following through on those plans in the coming days."
  20. PaulKTF

    PaulKTF Senior Member

    Did anyone expect them to cancel the album's release because he died? I mean, yeah of course they're going to release the album that was already planned for release.
  21. John Fell

    John Fell Forum Survivor

    I think the question would be was enough completed/recorded to warrant a release? We really don't know if the recording sessions are completed. They have been talking about this since last year.
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  22. PaulKTF

    PaulKTF Senior Member

    Oh, I just kind of assumed it was already in the can and ready for release.
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  23. KinkySmallFace1991

    KinkySmallFace1991 Will you come back to me, Sweet Lady Genevieve?

    If the songs were merely written but not recorded, perhaps they send them over to the Stones and let them do an album like Blue and Lonesome out of it.
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  24. PaulKTF

    PaulKTF Senior Member

    That would almost guarantee a better album than anything Chuck could have done at 90.
  25. Spruce

    Spruce Forum Resident

    Brigg, England
    And probably better than the Stones could have done with their own material.
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