RIP Dudley Simpson (BBC Composer for Doctor Who, Blake's 7)

Discussion in 'Visual Arts' started by Trashman, Nov 8, 2017.

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    Doctor Who composer Dudley Simpson has died, aged 95

    Even though he was a musician, it seemed more apt to post the RIP here in visual arts, since his work was mostly enjoyed on television. His incidental music set the tone for 1970s Doctor Who. Of the 58 stories aired in the 1970s, Simpson created the music for 50 of those stories. He also composed the incidental music for 12 of the 1960s stories... more than any other composer on the program. Those 62 stories from the 60s and 70s contain over 290 individual episodes. It seems doubtful that anyone else on production team worked on more episodes than Dudley Simpson did. At the very least, it's hard to think of anything whose creative work impacts more episodes.

    He also composed the music for 50 of the 52 episodes of Blake's 7, along with the memorable theme song.

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    RIP Dudley Smith, that's a lot of Dr. Who composing alone! Thanks for share the news, just saw this up online.

    I remember watching Blake 7 in early 80's through a Teacher who pen-pal exchanged PAL videos and owned a Multi-system to share and watch programs after Lab and Art classes ended.
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    I love all the music from the classic Who. It's really cool that he composed so much of it.
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    Here's a fun example of 1970s Doctor Who incidental music. It's not the kind of thing one would probably listen to on its own, but in the context of the show really accents the program and is very distinctive. When I hear this music, I instantly think of Doctor Who. Too often incidental music in TV is just generic backing to set a tone. Dudley Simpson definitely had a unique style that can be instantly recognized.

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    RIP to Deadly Dudley Simpson

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