RIP Lance Reddick

Discussion in 'Visual Arts' started by Attila the Professor, Mar 17, 2023.

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    Lance Reddick, actor known for roles in The Wire and the John Wick franchise, has died at the age of 60.

    According to multiple outlets, his representative confirmed that he died of natural causes at his home in Los Angeles. The actor had been recently doing interviews for his role in John Wick: Chapter 4, released next week. Earlier this week, he chose not to attend the film’s New York premiere.

    Lance Reddick, star of The Wire and John Wick, dies aged 60

    He was brilliant in The Wire.
  2. rockclassics

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    Mainline Florida

    He also played the role of Chief Irvin Irving in the Bosch tv series.
  3. Jim N.

    Jim N. He should have called it "2024"....

    So Cal
    A fine actor from two of my favorite TV series " The Wire" and "Fringe". Much too young.
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  4. mrjinks

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    Stunning. That guy looked like the picture of perfect health. How do you die of natural causes at 60 when you're that fit?

    Remarkably talented guy, I always thought.
  5. deadbirdie

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    Oh no! RIP Lance. Loved him on The Wire & Bosch. He was also a main character on some PS games I play too, Horizon Zero Dawn/Forbidden West. So young, so sad :cry:
  6. Kray

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    wow... RIP too young
  7. Michael

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  8. muzzer

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    This is so sad, and a shock. He was on twitter 2 days ago, looking hale and hearty. Such a talented actor.
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  9. Chazro

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  10. PTgraphics

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    That really stinks. Very good actor. Much too young to die.
  11. steelinYaThighs

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    Magnificent as "Mobay" on Oz, but especially as "Cedric Daniels" on The Wire. This loss really hurts.

    - siyt
  12. RIP Lance Reddick

    This makes me sad...A fantastic actor and a musician who studied classical music composition in University.
  13. rnranimal

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    Watching the last episode of The Wire right now. I wish I could still find shows this great instead of having to rewatch the same shows, but I still enjoy it and he was great in it. RIP
  14. George P

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    Coincidentally, I am listening to this right now after hearing the sad news:

  15. smilin ed

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    Natural causes? RIP
  16. bloodisthin

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    Chadwick Boseman, Michael K. Williams, now Lance Reddick. Too many brilliant black actors not getting the chance to play old man roles. I loved Lance in all the many things I saw him - never once a duff performance. RIP to a real one.
  17. Scope J

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    One of my fave tv actors


  18. GregM

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    Also in 300 and many other films. A bit wooden in his roles, but he was a good actor. RIP
  19. What a terrific actor. RIP. He classed up everything he was in.
  20. ghostdwg

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    RIP to one of my favorite actors-he was great in every role he portrayed, especially in The Wire and Fringe.
  21. Sean

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    What a shock. Only 60 and he seemed like someone who could live to a 100! I liked him in Oz as that undercover cop.
  22. He was great in both series (though his character was written more stiffly and he was asked to play it that way in “Fringe” at first). My favorite “Fringe” episode is the one where he gets high from LSD. His goofy laugh is infectious.
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  23. You never know. We all have unknown expiration dates.
  24. sound chaser

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    North East UK.
  25. Scope J

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