RIP Lance Reddick

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  1. TrekkiELO

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    May Lance Reddick rest in peace. :cry:

    I liked his roles on Lost and Fringe! :cool:

    PS-With his JJ Abrams connection, I'm just surprised that he was never in Star Trek or Star Wars.
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  2. Deuce66

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    Heart failure? it happens to the fittest of people.
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  3. shokhead

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    SoCal, Long Beach
    RIP to a very good actor.
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  4. hybrid_77

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    New England
    RIP Lance. For a while there I thought he may have been British. But he was from Baltimore, where the Wire took place.
  5. Lance Hall

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    Fort Worth, Texas
    The greatly underrated sci-fi show "The Fringe" is where I know him.
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  6. Cupids_bow

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    The OC
    RIP Lance. Way too young.
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  7. carrolls

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    RIP Lance.
    I binge watched Fringe recently. Much better than I expected.
    Got a bit crazy in the middle though. Some of the multi-universes were literally nuts.
    Great actor throughout the series.
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  8. cowboy72

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    Butler,Pa. USA
    RIP Lance
    A commanding presence anytime on the screen. First saw him in “Lost” and thought he’d have a much bigger part. But I guess he was busy on numerous other shows. Great actor.
  9. Rocker

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    Ontario, Canada
    Those games are where I know him from best, rather than his film/TV work.

    RIP Sylens.
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  10. A stress test, a catheter will reveal a blocked artery. The problem is that, if you have no known risk factors or symptoms, they aren’t going to automatically look for it.
  11. He also played multiple roles in the Resident Evil TV series reboot.
  12. Indeed, the same with his portrayal initially for Fringe.
  13. Paul Saldana

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    SE USA
    I am such a fan. I’ve been watching The Wire for the first time since January. Somehow I missed it on first release.
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  14. sberger

    sberger Dream Baby Dream

    If you haven't watched already, The Bureau, a French series about the French intelligence department is, IMO, as good as the Wire. Also highly recommend the Israeli series Fauda, about a special forces Israeli team. Fantastic. And I am a huge fan of The Wire. Bureau on Prime, Fauda on Netflix.
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  15. rnranimal

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    Thanks, will check these out.
  16. sberger

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    You can always ask for more conclusive tests if you feel the need. Do you have a history of heart issues in your family? Because of his history, because he'd been a smoker, a responsible doctor would've gone for the extra tests. Especially because he was putting his heart under more stress by being a runner. He also seemed like the kind of person that if he was having some discomfort in his chest he would ignore it. A little extra caution goes a long way.
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  17. realkilroy

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