RIP, Marty Allen

Discussion in 'Visual Arts' started by Vahan, Feb 13, 2018.

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  4. A funny guy and a war hero. RIP.
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  5. xdawg

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    He had possibly the greatest hair in showbiz. R.I.P. Mr. Allen!
  6. vince

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    A face forever etched in my young mind.....

    Here in Vegas... we ARE getting a lot of 'super-flu' going around.....
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    I didn't know much about him, but his Mark Maron interview from a few years ago cracked me
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    I’d often get Allen and Rossi mixed up with Burns and Schreiber.
  10. Al Kuenster

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    R.I.P. Marty
  11. "I'm Ringo's Mother" -Marty Allen
  12. RIP Great Comedian MARTY ALLEN.....
    He was a famous stand-up comedian and actor as part of the comedy team ALLEN & ROSSI who performed and shared a stage with Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra, Lena Horne, Elvis Presley and the Beatles (during the Beatles historic 1964 guest appearances in the The Ed Sullivan Show).
  13. Hawkman

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    Sad. Made me laugh as a kid and as an adult. I have all of their records and they are still funny.
  14. xilef regnu

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    What a couple they should have made...

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    Hello Deh! Rip Matty!
  16. ssmith3046

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    Thank you for all the laughs.
  17. Vidiot

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    Marty reminds me of my childhood, my beloved Mom and Dad both thought he was funny. He was quite ubiquitous on game, variety and talk shows 50 years ago like Johnny, Merv Griffin, Mike Douglas, Virginia Graham, Art Linkletter, etcetera. Happy times for me. RIP.
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  19. John54

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    Rest in peace. I'm pretty sure he was on Hollywood Squares a few times and cracked me up in most of them.

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