RIP Mr. Peanut dead at age 104

Discussion in 'Visual Arts' started by melstapler, Jan 23, 2020.

  1. melstapler

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    Mr. Peanut has died as a result of a road accident. Born in 1916, Mr. Peanut served as longtime mascot for Planters, an American snack-food company and division of Kraft Foods. At the time of his death, Mr. Peanut was traveling with two friends, actor Wesley Snipes and comedian Matt Walsh. According to news sources, Mr. Peanut acted quickly and selflessly, sacrificing his own life to save Snipes and Walsh. The Planters Nuttmobile was totaled as a result of this horrific accident. As the world mourns his loss, thoughts and prayers go out to Mr. Peanut's family, friends, fans and colleagues at Planters.
    Wesley Snipes, Mr. Peanut and Matt Walsh
  2. Bender Rodriguez

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    New Jersey
    It's getting harder and harder to differentiate between articles from The Onion and Super Bowl ad campaigns.
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  3. MikaelaArsenault

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  4. neo123

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    He will be resurrected as Mr. Peanut Butter, an updated mascot for Planters Peanut Butter. ;)
  5. Bender Rodriguez

    Bender Rodriguez RIP Exene, best dog ever. 2005-2016

    New Jersey
    There's already a Mr. Peanutbutter:

  6. O Don Piano

    O Don Piano Forum Resident

    I’d heard he was......assaulted.....
  7. TheHypnoToad

    TheHypnoToad Forum Resident


    Maybe they'll follow it up with a Six Million Dollar Man themed campaign: "we can rebuild him, make him better...." :-popcorn:
  8. forthlin

    forthlin Forum Resident

    May he roast in peace.:shh:

    Look for them to go for something a little more gender-neutral. Remember the SNL character Pat? Pat Peanut! Perfect fit. ;)
  9. Oatsdad

    Oatsdad Oat, Biscuits and Abbie: Best Dogs Ever

    Alexandria VA
  10. ssmith3046

    ssmith3046 Forum Resident

    At 104 he was just a shell of the peanut he once was.
  11. GregM

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    Costanza: "I admire your skills, Mr. Peanut."

  12. Luvtemps

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    Well he had a long and shell-tered life.
  13. Al Kuenster

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    He looks as good as he did 104 years ago, amazing!
  14. tootull

    tootull All elements agree

    I never liked him. He was nuts.
  15. Michael

    Michael I LOVE WIDE S-T-E-R-E-O!

    hope he left a will...
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  16. Carl Swanson

    Carl Swanson Forum Resident

    His remains were spread over a bowl of ice cream with chocolate sauce.
  17. Rose River Bear

    Rose River Bear Forum Resident

    I hope he willed his nuts to a worthy cause.
  18. vince

    vince Stan Ricker's son-in-law

    I'm surprised he didn't die of a PEANUT ALERGY!
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  19. ceevert

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    I won't link it here, but please see the cover (wraparound) of Zap Comix #4.
  20. noname74

    noname74 Openly Canadian

    My thoughts and peanuts are with the family.
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  21. MikeP5877

    MikeP5877 Uh Huh

    He is in a butter place now.
  22. longdist01

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    Chicago, IL USA
    hmmm just read he left his family peanuts in the Will! Maybe it's a cover for some other behavior...
  23. Dillydipper

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    ...and Jimmy Carter oulasted him as well! :eek:
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  24. bekayne

    bekayne Forum Resident

    Was he a smoker?
  25. Ghostworld

    Ghostworld Forum Resident

    Who’s jelly now, bitch?

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