RIP Record and Tape Traders (Towson, MD)

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    I rarely go there anymore, but noticed that Record and Tape Traders in Towson is going out of business. They've been around since 1978. Looks like they announced it in November and are now saying January 15th is the possible last day. This was a chain that expanded to 10 or so stores across Maryland at one point in the 90's-00's, but had been down to the Towson store for a number of years and was bought by FYE awhile back (though still retained the R&TT name).

    Not terribly surprising, but nonetheless sad. I've spent many of hours and dollars there since I moved up to the Baltimore area almost 20 years ago. I went there this week, everything is 30% off, but didn't find anything to buy (which is honestly how most of my trips there have been for past couple years). Will keep an eye open for further discounts.
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    AWWWW! :cry: OH the hours of wandering around and trying to keep track of where I left my basket!

    Any day now you'll see a sign on the door that says, "Closed Due To Inevitability". :shake:

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