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Discussion in 'Visual Arts' started by Hall Cat, Mar 9, 2023.

  1. shokhead

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    You are right
    On March 9, 2023, Kibrick became the only living Rascal after the death of Robert "Mickey" Blake.
  2. kwadguy

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    And dat's da name of dat tune.

  3. Ghostworld

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    Brilliant. The perfect epitaph.
  4. John Moschella

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    Now that was a creepy.
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  5. jason88cubs

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  6. 89! Bad ass!
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  7. Chance

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    "An' dat's da name of DAT tune."

    In the glut of mid seventies cop/detective shows, Baretta and Columbo were the standouts.
  8. Terrific actor. I loved him in ‘Barretta’. What he did in his later life to people, not so much.

    “Electra Glide in Blue” and “In Cold Blood” were his definitive film performances. What a long career.

    I used to chuckle when I saw his cameo in “The Treasure of Sierra Madre” when he was in “Barreta”.
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  9. This creepy appearance reminded me Dean Stockwell’ in “Blue Velvet”.

    REPRE$ENTIN CURRENCY Well-Known Member

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    He was tried and found NOT GUILTY. So really not a sad finale at all since he lived another 20 years.
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  11. Trader Joe

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    Legendary actor.
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  12. ArpMoog

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  13. SandAndGlass

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    He was that! I remember watching him on Carson in the late 60's and early 70's.

    He would essentially be booked on the show to plug his latest movie. Sometimes, when the movie wasn't very good, he would say that it was a real stinker. Carson got such a laugh when he would do this, which was quite a bit.
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  14. YardByrd

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    as a kid in the '70s I grew up watching him in both Barretta and as Mickey in the Little Rascals although I had no idea it was the same guy! I preferred the Little Rascals tbh... my fave after school show circa '76
  15. klownschool

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    Cycle of life rolls on like a mo fo
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  16. krock2009

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    His appearances on Tom Snyder's show in the 90s are a case study in psychology.

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  17. NekoM

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  18. Ghostworld

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    He’s cool in that interview.
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  19. DigMyGroove

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    IMO the not guilty verdict was a result of his celebrity. This is L.A. and that’s happened before. He was found guilty at the civil trial, just like in another famous L.A. murder case. So I think calling it a sad end is not out of line, it brought an end to his career and left a permanent shadow over his legacy.
  20. Agreed......but I'm not so sure how good it is when something reminds of anything that happens in Blue Velvet. :D
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  21. Post-Punk Monk

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    My first quica! I need that single!
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  22. I loved Tom Snyder.
  23. beccabear67

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    I hope people are free to state facts about the person if they want (even in a RIP thread) and I don't think anyone is arguing, but while I've learned some things I didn't know, I also never knew the man in 'real life' nor had to have any contact. Electra Glide is always going to be a favorite film and I enjoyed many Barrettas and some Our Gangs.
  24. ArpMoog

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    One of the great thing about Blake was his middle finger to the folks that clutch at pearls , the fakes the rats the sellouts as well.
    IF he committed murder he's being judged now if not he's still being judged like we all will be according to our works.
    I didn't know Blake but I do know the happiness he brought me as a kid through his art and for that I am grateful.

    R.I.P Mr. Blake.
  25. David Egan

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    First time I was ever excited about an acting award was when he got his Emmy. He was my guy. Totally had his wife killed. She was hinky to the max and jurors said they dismissed the stuntman testimony because they had admitted to being drug addicts but that's an LA jury excuse if I ever heard one.

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